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Psy 315 Wk 2 DQ 2




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Week 2 DQ 2
How effective are the pie charts that often accompany a newspaper article in explaining the
statistics being used in the article?
Pie charts can present information to the general public in very misleading patterns. By
conveying information through the form of pie charts, much information is lost to the public.
Those individuals who may not realize that more data is presented than what is being shown
can be misdirected by information presented in slices seeming to show that one result was
much greater than another. Most of the charts in these articles are based in percentage formats
that represent a handful of items which were studied. Viewing this information in newspaper
articles are easy on the eyes of the general public viewing them and can present the fast view
information, but the loss of important data in these charts are dangerous in many respects.
Often times medical data can be presented in health articles which use these quick pie charts
as representation of how a disease had progressed over many years and the increasing
prevalence of these disease, however much of the data is omitted to present the quick and
easy to view pie chart. Factors that are eliminated can bear important weight on the study and
can be important for individuals need to know.

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