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Write a 350-700 word paper about the ways in which different levels of government interrelate with e




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Write a 350-700 word paper about the ways in which different levels of government interrelate with each other. Include the following points in your
Provide an example of a current event or issue where multiple governments interact on the solution.
Describe the ways that those government work together or against one another on the issue.
Identify the advantages and disadvantages in the ways that the governments involved work together.
Provide a possible solution to the current event or issue that would be better by having different levels of government work together. Include ways in
which-communication between the governments might be improved.
Basically, there are three levels of government in US, the local, the state and the
federal. The local governments at their level handle the activities which are specifically
limited to their communities like police building codes, local courts etc. mostly American
citizens in their daily life are more in contact with the local and state governments than
the federal government. Police departments, libraries etc all come under the oversight of
state and the local governments. The local governments generally have two tiers the
counties and the municipalities. However, in situations like natural disasters or other big
calamities the three levels of government work together to provide relief to the citizens.
In case of any such event or issue, the intergovernmental cooperation becomes most
important. Frequently, it is highlighted that there are significant coordination and
communication problems between the different levels of the government. A similar
instance came to people’s view when the hurricane Katrina struck which brought forth to
every one’s view the complete breakdown of intergovernmental cooperation. Mostly the
issues of authority and autonomy come amid these things.
The role of the federal government in case of disaster response and management has
kept growing over time. In 1950, the federal government brought the Federal Civil

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Defense Act to formalize the intergovernmental roles and responsibilities. Some local and
state governments are having the ability to deal with such disasters whereas the others
may succumb to it a bit easily. In this regard it is imperative that key players at all the
three levels should have a god idea of what they are expected to do during such disasters.
However, there are loopholes in this coordination and planning due to which during the
disasters the response is not as quick and effective as it should be. Katrina exposed the
flaws and inadequacies of the local, state and the federal governments.
The basic flaws in such cases are lack of solid relationships and communication which
delays the response and the price is paid in the form of lost lives. Many other flaws also
came to light in the situation like a lack of preparation, delayed decision making,
bureaucratic tie-ups and political infighting etc. In this case, it would be better if the
Federal Emergency Management system was made independent of Department of
Homeland security and be led by experienced professionals in place of the political
appointees. To improve the communication between the different levels first of all it is
important to develop solid relationships between state and federal officials in a variety of
agencies. Moreover, the issues related to funding and control in relation to response and
readiness need to be discussed and reviewed so that in future when a disaster strikes the
intergovernmental chain does not fail.

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