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Activity 3 The Physical Self
A. The Flowchart of Beauty
Below is a flowchart of the evolution of the beauty of both men and women. The topmost
is the beauty in the ancient time; continue the flow up to the recent period. There are two columns
one for women and the other for men. The data in the content is a summary of this, provide the
information in between. If the boxes below are not enough, you may add more arrows and box or
you may add another page.
Women Men
Ancient Time
Ancient Time
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B. Simple Survey: Interview at least 2 of your opposite sex of different age brackets (childhood
7 to 10 years old, adolescent 13 to 19, adult 25 to 50, old age 60 and above). How do they define
beauty? Or what is beauty for them for both men and women?
Child 1: the male child states that beauty is based on physical appearance or looks.
Child 2: the female child states that the beauty is in the surroundings something like
flowers, cute animals, etc.
Adolescent 1: the male said that beauty is about the appearance and looks.
Adolescent 2: the girl states that beauty is base on the skin color.
Adult 1: the male states that you have to mix with blood from foreign in order for you
to claim you’re beautiful.
Adult 2: the girl is basing the physical appearance or looks, for such pointed nose,
beautiful eyes, something like that.
Old Age 1: the old man states that beauty is about the confidence whether you looks
isn’t attractive.
Old Age 2: the old female states that beauty is based on a young age and if the
person goes old the beauty will collapse and will not be displayed anymore.
Your personal view of beauty: my personal view of beauty is you have to consider
yourself one of the most beautiful, made by god. Among the surveys, one of the most
answers that I satisfied with is the Oldman because it’s not about the basis on
appearance, skin color etc. it is about the confidentiality of how we would carryout our
personal looks, and create a correlation between the looks and knowing ourselves.
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