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It is not unusual to have dreams about one's future. Many want to be rich. Some persons dream of
becoming leaders, politicians and social refommers. There are others who have a craze for becoming
poets, writers and novelists, while most of us generally have a desire for becoming engineers, scientists,
professors and lawyers of great repute. Some aspire to join the services for becoming officers in the
army, navy and air-force.
I do not wish to become a mill-owner or a multi-millionaire. My ambition of life is to lead a life of
simplicity and piety devoted to the service to humanity. I am a firm believer in the proverb that 'Service
to humanity is a service to God'. One can serve fellow human beings in various ways. He may adopt a
profession which provides more opportunities for services to humanity. My aim of life is to serve the
suffering humanity.
So I have decided to become a good doctor. This is my keen desire. I know that it is a noble profession
and people belonging to this profession have great respect in the society. Moreover, this profession is
exciting and challenging. You have to work for long hours and it requires great dedication. However, it is
a rewarding profession provided one's motive is to serve mankind and utilize one's knowledge and
ability to ease their pain and suffering. But it is not an easy task to become a doctor. Only diehard
industrious people can achieve this goal. Efforts for it begin as early as in class 9. If a student cannot get
very high marks in this class, he cannot hope to climb to that echelon. First, she has to get A+ grade in
matric, Again s/he requires A+ in intermediate. Those, who achieve even this goal, know how hard it is.
But the struggle does not end there. A candidate has to pass an aptitude test also. And then begins a five
year study for the degree and the successful candidate has to devote another year to the house-job in a
After the completion of my education and house-job training, I will set up a clinic in some locality of
poor working-class. The standard of public health is not so good in these areas. I want to play my role in
reducing their sufferings. As a doctor, it will be my object to charge only a reasonable fee from the
patients. I honestly feel that millions of my fellow countrymen deserve our attention. The noble profess
is that which helps common man in improving his standard of living and reducing his sufferings. It has
been rightly said that "God created man to share the worries of other persons! The theme of this
proverb is my motto.
I shall not run after the riches. I will try my best to achieve this goal. May God help me in achieving my

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