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Barnes and Noble
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Background of Barnes and Noble
Barnes and Noble is a leading retailer of content, digital media, and educational products. This
accolade makes it the world's largest retail bookseller (Barnes and Noble, 2021). The
organization prides itself on having about 600 bookstores in about 50 states. It also has a Web's
premier e-commerce site, The business offers other services under the Nook Digital
Business offers with a lineup of NOOK® tablets and e-Readers. This is supplemented with an
array of expansive collections of digital content.
The value proposition of Barnes and Noble
Its customers do enjoy a broad catalog of products. This includes books across all genres,
DVDs, toys, games, and magazines. These are meant to cover a wide range of customers, with
everyone finding a product of their choice within the catalog.
The organization and Brand are widely accessible within the US and outside. This is achieved
with their physical retails outlets within the US (Cleverism, 2017) . Its digital channels with its
NOOK e-readers platform being widely predominant.
Its stores' ambiance and design are built to attract to offer a welcoming touch to their clients. It is
quite comfortable offering its clients public spaces, cafes, public restrooms, and public meeting
Its pricing strategy is built to account for discounts which their clients do enjoy periodically. This
is supplemented with other promotions which run for the whole year.
Cengage Learning
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This organization offer higher education learning materials such as textbooks, ebooks, and digital
solutions for their users
Mc Graw Hill
This organization offers curated content and digital learning tools and platforms.
Wiley (John Wiley & Sons)
This organization develops digital education, learning assessment, and certificate solutions.
This organization operates marketplaces for consumers, sellers, and content creators. It offers
Barnes and Noble stiff competition at present and in the future with its wides market penetration.
The organization uses a different business model, with the organization using a platform business
model that can attract more clients than what Barnes and Nobles can manage. Amazon's Brand is
more prominent with a more prominent presence, while Branes and Noble seem to be a more
local retail bookseller.
The aim is to transform the pipe retail bookstore into a serial publish platform (Condé Nast,
2013). This should allow room for the organization to attract more customers than they already
have with a vast ability to serve everybody worldwide. Reaching out to as many writers as
possible will ensure that the organization can nurture so many talents. This can be something as
small as a book chapter or even a weekly magazine column. The platform should offer the
opportunity for writers to meet directly with their readers but also at the same time offer
publishing services.
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The reason to transit is that the world is slowly changing for the better with the advent of
pandemic ravaging our population. People will no longer prefer the sharing of the books that
were accustomed to public libraries, but such platforms will soon become the home libraries we
need. This is a noble course looking at what people can achieve once the spread of the virus has
been stopped. The platform business model to be adopted by Barnes and Noble will serve the
business's financial side and the humanitarian side of life (Craft, 2021). This will kill two birds
with one stone, not even to forget the environmental protection side, as it will eliminate the
actual dealings which involve trees which form a crucial part of our environment.
This model will ensure that so many people will have an opportunity to nurture their talent,
which is even more important. So many people's dreams will be accomplished with any talented
person using the platform to get what they need. The rewards will be large with monetary gains
for the publishers, and the writers are accruing money from the sale of all their book chapters,
books, magazines, and periodicals. For writers who like to signed formally through the platform,
they will be offered contracts depending on their book ratings. This will be a revolutionary
concept that will allow professional writers to shares their content with potential customers
willing to buy all this relevant content. This business model will offer convenience, which is a
character lacking in so many startups.
The Nook ebook/app will offer access to all these services. The aim, in this case, is that the
users, which will either be writers or readers, will be able to access the appropriate platform.
This solves the puzzles of where a writer should be or a reader be to access as many potential
clients as possible. Improving the image of the organization will serve the overall goals, which
is always offering customer satisfaction. Through the use of the available technology, the
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business model ensures that all the individuals will access the much-needed services currently
lacking in the industry.
Depending on the customer's subscription, the readers will be able to access a wide range of
books on the platform. The premium subscription is for educational researchers who will get full
access to all the available books on offer. The least subscription level will be for general
consumers who will access the specific limited choice of content they choose to read in a week.
All the users on the platform will be able to offer comments to improve the platform, and they
will have a chance to address their writers directly through the platform(Lee, 2018) . The
chapter by chapter publishing platform will ensure that the readers will only gain access to their
content. This will be divided depending on the subscribers' age group and relevant, the main
purpose they intend to achieve while using the platform. This must cater to a wide range of
topics given the diverse range of cultures and social challenges that exist in our world. A
multicultural platform will be encouraged in this case. The target number of users will be
unlimited from different parts of the world.
Figures don't lie, and in this case, the ratings will be used to sway the number of consumers to
wards this platform. This will be an important sensitization technique to allow as many readers
to access the platform as possible (Moezad, 2020). This will supplement the sharing feature
where traffic can be driven towards a certain book or even a chapter or a magazine. The ranking
feature will be from the most viewed/interesting, most subscribed book or writer, monthly and
yearly ranking for the books and contents.
In conclusion, this will be a revolutionary platform for Barnes and Noble, changing its core to a
more lucrative business idea that will relate to most content creators and readers. The aim, in
this case, is to destroy the level of competition offered to the organization by its competitors.
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Amazon Kindle and other ebook libraries currently offer Barnes and Noble stiff competition,
making the whole business idea quite an important concept. It is just a matter of time before
Barnes and Nobel become irrelevant in the industry. For this specific reason, the need to change
from the pipe business model to a platform business model. It is a matter of time as businesses
are slowly moving towards this business model. If they fail to offer stiff competition, they might
allow for the growth of a super monopoly in the name of Amazon Kindle.
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