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Bird Nest Designed Cakes Are Delicious
We the people are always thinking about surviving with the food and the
house. The people are always thinking that house is helps that to survive by giving the shelter
to them and food is helps the people to survive in the life. We can say without food no any
mankind can survive in the world. Also we people wish that we get the good and tasty food in
the life, some of the people like the simple food and some of the people like the spicy food.
Today’s people have the most interest in the cakes just because they are creamy and delicious.
This article is all about the cake as we know as the Bird Nest cake. This cake is one of the
most delicious cakes of some of the countries.
Some of the people even do now the theme of the nests of the birds. Some of
the people do not have that creative thinking to make these kinds of the cakes. Today we will
tell you how to make it and how to serve it to the guest who comes to your house. First of all
you have to take the cream, which is already made from the milk, if you do not have that; you
can buy it from the market. After that round shaped bread of the cake, this will be the base of
the Bird Nest cake. After that you need those equipments which help you to spread the cream
on the cake. That’s it; you can start making the cake.
Some of the people knows the recipe of the cakes, those who knows it, they
can start making the cake their way, those who do not knows, first take the base of the cake,
which is the bread. If the bread does not have the round shape, you need to cut it in round
shape. After that if you wish to make the thick cake, add the layers of the bread, and fill the
cream between those layers. After that you should start fill cream on the layers, fill the cream
in snake shape, like snake sits, you should start designs the snake shape as the outer layer of
the cream. On the top of the cake make deep shape on the center and opposite shape to the
corners of the bread, keep it in the freeze for while and you will be ready to serve the Bird
Nest cake.

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