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Bird Nest is being Disappear Today
The people of the earth are increasing their population every day; one of the
surveys says that mankinds have being increasing forty other mankinds per second of the
time. The population is increasing every day and that is the reason that we are losing the
nature from us, we are getting the nature away from us, and also we are keeping away from
us. Some of the people do not like the nature to stay with them and some of the people likes
keep the nature with them. The Bird Nest is one of the miracles of the nature that we are
forgetting and we are keeping that miracle away from us, some of the people do not like the
nests of the birds in their houses.
The reason behind the people do not like the nests of the birds in their house
that they believes that the birds are spreading the dirt on their houses and the people are
always wish to keep clean the house, so some of the people do not like the birds. So today if
any birds are starting to make the nests in any of the house of the mankind, the people always
destroys the Bird Nest and throws it into the dustbin. Some of us do not know that birds have
done the lots of the efforts to make the nests. The people are also making the best efforts to
make their own houses as the birds are also making the best efforts to make their own house.
The reason behind the nests is being disappear from our eyes, is only us the mankind.
The people have taken the space of the birds where they live. Now they are just demanding
the little bit of the space in our house or on the tress where they can be safe and where they
keep their children safe. Some of the people who are destroying the nests of the birds, they
should understand that if we destroys their nests from our houses, the nature is able to destroy
our houses. We can say that nature is the most powerful miracles, if people have seen
anywhere. Some of the people have experienced the power of the nature and they knows that
we can’t win from the nature, so we should increase the number by making the Bird Nest, it
will make safe the birds and we also will be safe.

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