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Assessment Number
Assessment Type (and weighting)
Report 40%
Assessment Name
Design and Manufacture with Legal and clinical
Assessment Submission Date
4/1/2021 11:59pm
Learning outcome
Describe the design and manufacturing processes of a range of fixed, removable and
orthodontic custom-made dental devices
Outline the clinical aspects for a range of restorative techniques that require the
fabrication of a custom-made dental device.
Identify the regulatory, ethical and legal aspects of dental treatments involving clinical and
technical practices.
Assignment Brief:
All appliances are made up of components that together make the finished appliance, it is important
for technicians to be able to construct appliances for patients that function but are also aesthetic.
Look at the diagrams below with the text highlighting areas to demonstrate your knowledge and
Dental professionals are a dynamic team that must work together well; technicians rely on being
provided clear and concise information from the clinical team. Discuss five different pieces of
information that would influence manufacture. These can include areas such as concise
prescriptions, impression materials and their use, shade taking, oral preparation for crowns for
example and correct occlusal recording and its importance.
The Dental Profession must work and abide by legal, regulatory and ethical considerations. Explain
five areas these can include, provision of Personal Protective Equipment and its need in a laboratory,
communication skills, only using materials that will not cause harm to a patient and scope of
Fixed: metal ceramic single unit crown
The metal substructure to include the minimum thickness, placement of the metal ceramic junction,
differentiating the types ceramics used to build up a restoration and the purpose of these.
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