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The Declaration of Independence
The word unalienable means something that cannot be taken away. Thomas Jefferson
philosophers believed that certain rights could never be taken away or surrendered (Wurah, 2017).
These rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence would later become part of the United
States Constitution.
Life means that all people have a right to live. Their lives shouldn't be taken away from
them. Liberty is another word for freedom. This is a basic right to all people no matter the
circumstances. The pursuit of happiness means that people should be able to live their lives the
way they see fit.
Liberty is another term for freedom. Every person has the right to this basic right,
irrespective of his place of residence. Free democracy is an essential principle. It might mean that
people are free of slavery or that individuals can speak freely by voting or simply by expressing
opinions. As people are happy, they must be let to live accordingly (Lazar, 2000). It also concerns
people who live under a government to protect and protect their rights to live and be happy. This
notion was always extremely vital for Americans, many of them believe anyone can succeed and
rejoice in the hard work.
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Wurah, A. (2017). We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all robots are created equal. Journal
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