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GBD130 Communications, Ethics, CSR
E-mail Assignment #1 (5%)
A. Write an e-mail to your hypothetical client Jade Doe, individually, in which you:
1. Introduce yourself
2. Ask one clarification question regarding a potential business development or
operations management topic.
3. Include a clear next steps component or request. E.g. request for a meeting, site
visit, information or documents you may need
B. Use feedback from your first e-mail to create a second e-mail as follows:
4. You have recently met with two managers and have conducted a site visit. You
have some ideas as to where your investigation is headed but require some
feedback and clarification.
C. Write an e-mail thanking the client
must have all components of e-mail: subject, greeting, body, next steps, salutation
and signature
must follow the e-mail guidelines you have been provided
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Subject: Invitation for Christmas Dinner.
Good Morning, Jade:
I hope this e-mail finds you well. I am Reshav Dahal, Restaurant Manager at Ramada Hotel
and Suites. As you are our long-time valued guest, I would like to share that this year also we
are organizing Christmas dinner on 24
December at the rooftop lounge.
We would be delighted to welcome your family and serve again and help you create
wonderful memories for Christmas dinner this year as well. This year we have added on
many different entertainment activities for children and couples. As we have limited space
availability due to covid-19 restrictions. The dinner will start from 7 pm till 2 pm. There will
not be any specific dress code but we provide a coupon to one lucky winner for one night stay
in our hotel. I have attached the promotional flyers for the buffet night.
If you have any inquiries or need additional information for the event, please contact me on
+16473817718 or you can mail at I would like you to visit our
lounge and secure a place in advance to enjoy an evening with a view. I am looking forward
to hearing from you.
Roshan shane
Restaurant manager
Ramada Hotel and Suites
Scarborough, Ontario
Phone: 6473817718 Fax: 543-389-4559
Enclosures: Promotional flyers for event night.
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Subject: Booking for Christmas Dinner.
Dear, Mr. Jade:
Thank you for writing to us and accepting invitation for Christmas dinner. Regarding your
inquiry for gluten free food, I had informed to chef and is happy to provide gluten free four
course meal to your friend and it will be noted among our team members.
With this mail I would like to address your request and mention few important rules to be
followed during the event night:
Proof of fully vaccinated certificate.
Each table will have 2 metres distance.
Group of 5 is accommodated in one table.
Heater will be provided to your table.
Extensive continental, Arabic and Asian food available.
Your package includes free flow of house alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage
I have booked a table for 5 people and your booking id is Jadechristmasdinner5. You can
visit our hotel and make a payment confirmation for your booking. Please feel free to reach
out to me if you have any inquiry.
Roshan shane
Restaurant manager
Ramada Hotel and Suites
Scarborough, Ontario
Phone: 6473817718 Fax: 543-389-4559
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Subject: Confirmation for Christmas Dinner.
Good Evening, Jade:
Thank you for your booking confirmation and taking the time to meet with me yesterday. It
was pleasure talking to you.
We appreciate that you have put your trust to spend your festival family time by confirming
to join us. We look forward to welcome you and serve your family once again.
Again, thank you so much for choosing Ramada Hotel and Suites.
Have a nice day.
Roshan shane
Restaurant manager
Ramada Hotel and Suites
Scarborough, Ontario
Phone: 6473817718 Fax: 543-389-4559

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