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Recognized as a diversified enterprise, the corporation presents itself as being. A
fascinating case in point is the sales marketing director. He is a well-regarded worker, given his
personal sporadic attendance, which resulted in disciplinary action from his management. Her
present punctuality and temper are a consequence of the negative values she has been exposed to
at work. The function of a commercial marketing director is to promote the firm's real
consequences, which is not representative of how the state treats its reduced workers.
Dissatisfaction with declarations written opinions that are contradicted by vocal
substantiation of their attitudes characterizes the cognitive dissonance state. The employee's
dissatisfaction and lack of excitement for their job will have a short and long-term effect on the
organisation. Business has a big influence on public opinion (Ashfaq, 2017). The hard work and
productivity of their product owner would deteriorate with time, decreasing the standard of her
work Her absence from work will become a more major issue in her negative impression
throughout time.
The poor working conditions have harmed many people who have worked for her
company. Her mood may already be foul due to the work pattern, but the fact that you'll be
spending the most of your shift in unsanitary surroundings for their employees will not really
exactly help. The first employee's attitude is becoming complicated as a result of his employer
assigning him activities outside of his position in the business. Worker one is frequently late for
work, which has an impact on his actual job process, and the company may have employee
turnover in the future if the circumstance stays the same, since worker one may attempt to leave
his job due to the boss's behavior. Employees' roles and job descriptions should be clarified, and
they should be given work that is appropriate for their jobs.
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Because of her demanding work schedule and last-minute company travel, the second
employee feels uncomfortable and dissatisfied. This constant work strain may impair the second
employee's performance and, as a result, profits, since inefficient personnel may result in
defective designer ideas and inadequate design checks at other production sites. As a result, the
company can motivate and delight the employee by providing vacation, bonuses, and
occasionally half-day leaves (Anderson, 2004). This would also help her keep her personal life
The third employee works as a customer service representative (CSR) during the night
shift, assisting clients with their queries and issues. His working hours are OK, but the night shift
could cause sleep deprivation, fatigue, anxiety, and other problems. The office's working
environment, such as inadequate infrastructure, a lack of food, and a lack of support from the
team leader, are a primary source of the third worker concern. They moan among themselves
during break time as a result of these conditions, impacting the opinions of other employees.
Trio worker's dissatisfaction may have an influence on revenues since other workers
affected by the trio worker are more likely to take sick days, suspending work and increasing
staff turnover to cover the vacuum created by absent personnel (Amanda S, 2017). Because she
is a quality controller, her attitude may have an effect on profitability, but non-supportive
behavior from others may have an impact on the quality of instruments created by the company.
In this case, she may show a lack of enthusiasm for her larger job.
As a result, the corporation should adhere to its own diversity policy and treat her
similarly to other employees, establishing her as a vital team member. This would improve her
self-assurance and attitude. Management should provide a detailed explanation as to why the
employee has been asked to do so. Employees may feel better if the operation's tangible
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prospects are acknowledged. Individuals suffer from work-related stress and a jumbled work-life
balance. Low pay has occurred as a result of lack of job satisfaction. There's no need to avoid
"cognitive dissonance" because the worker needs to understand the whole scope of his work in
order to be prepared properly. If we continue to push capable employees beyond their natural
limits, they will get sad and abandon their jobs.
This is an example of a negative personality influence in business. Set a negative tone in
the workplace by focusing on the challenges rather than the advantages. The problem of never-
ending whining must be addressed (Maya, 2011). Pay attention to the feedback and see if the
employee's issue is legitimate. Management must clearly characterize disruptive workplace
Finally, the work environment is an important factor that plays a role in such instances.
Organisations must pay their employees feel like they are a part of the team.You must
communicate with them on a frequent basis to make them feel like they are a part of something
greater. They must be encouraged to try new things, and their professional goals and ambitions
must be addressed frequently at work.
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