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The pros of graphing is that if you can see the actual work as you know if it is being done
correctly. The cons about graphing is that if the graph is not accurate it would hard to find a
The pros about quadratic formula is that you will always find the solution, and the cons about
quadratic formula is that it has to be memorized.
The pros about completing the square is that it can be used to solve quadratic equations, and the
cons for this method is it can be confusing to figure out.
The pros about factoring is that rational solutions will be found, and the cons of factoring are that
irrational solutions can be hard to find.
Since the beginning I have hard a tough time with algebra, but what works for me from all these
methods is quadratic formula although there is more steps to follow I can solve a problem even if
it takes me a long time to it.

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