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The issue that I have chosen is very difficult for a relativist to answer
which is raising children. I believe strongly that no one has any specific
answer as to how we should raise our children. Especially when it comes
to the discipline, studies and even friends. I believe every person has a
different outlook on what is right and wrong in the situation at hand.
I can say I will spank my children if they are bad and a relativist may say that is illegal and bad
and your teaching them that hitting is ok. However, I can go back to them and say, “Spanking”
which should “only ever be done with an open hand on the bum, and there should be no bruising.
I don't think anything should ever be used to hit a child with - like a belt or a stick. Most
importantly, I think it's imperative for a child to learn something from their punishment.”
(Mosser, K 2010 ;Spanking 2011) I believe the person that wrote this has been spanked and
knows there are limits to everything.
I feel I can incorporate the books teachings in chapter two into the post because “If given a
choice between two acts, and one of them creates greater happiness for the greatest number of
people, then that is the act that should be chosen. ” (Mosser, K 2010) Also by looking at the
statement I can argue that the utilitarianism would say that if spanking a child makes them
understand what they did is wrong and makes them not do it again, then therefore this makes the
problems reside and helps to make everyone happy. Simply never saying anyone should be
spanked for any reason, I am just simply saying that the child should be told for what the reason
they are being punished.
Mosser, K. (2010). A Concise Introduction to Philosophy, San Diego, Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
Spanking, as a form of discipline. (2011, May 10). The Bugle-Observer,A.4. Retrieved May 12, 2011, from Canadian
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