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Week 6 dq 1
Choose one of the means of providing social support listed below.
Describe how this type of social support is important and how it might
help an ill person. Read the post of a student who chose a different type of
social support than yours. Which of these two means of providing social
support is more important? Justify your answer.
o Social networks
o Support groups
o Virtual communities
o Lay caregivers
All the social supports listed assist people coping with difficult circumstances, and
each has its advantages and drawbacks. The social support I chose is virtual
communities (communication technology); and I do understand that not everyone
owns or has access to information technology that facilitates computer- mediated
Virtual communities has some drawbacks as it lacks the human interaction and
non-verbal cues one receives in social groups and networks. However, I believe this is
an essential tool for people who simply do not have the time or means of transport to
attend more conventional social support groups or networks.
Virtual communities help people with disabilities access information and share
common concerns via the internet from the privacy of their homes. Axia college (2011)
held that virtual communities also provide a forum for people with certain
embarrassing health conditions to address concerns and seek medical advice, while
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retaining a level of anonymity.
Virtual communities provides immediate information at your fingertips; and although
questionable information exist on the internet, growing numbers of health-related sites
provide useful and reliable information. Bottom line is, in today's fast paced world,
virtual communities will continue to allow people the convenience to communicate
online, look up pertinent information, and correspond with experts as they actively
participate in support groups facilitated by professional (Axia College, 2011).
Social Network Support is important to individuals who are ill because relationships
are formed with others that maintain even after a crisis may be over. It is important to
have someone to talk to about fears of an illness or even someone just to vent to about
frustrations, this type of support offers more than one person who is willing to listen.
The peace of mind that someone will be there for you through good and bad is
invaluable. Forming a Social Support Network ensures that someone will be available
to share joys and sorrows, offer support or just commiserate. This type of support also
offers the option of 'getting out'. People are less likely to become depressed and stay
closed in their homes, cut off from the world, when they are socially involved. A
strong Social Network Support means that the community can become involved,
offering a chain of communication that ensures that an individuals daily needs are
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Support groups are important because it provides support for whom are dealing with
grief, codependency, a variety of illnesses and addictions, and other concerns. This
may help with one who is ill because not only they can go to support group meetings
but they also can find these groups on the internet. People whom use support groups
that are ill tend to experience fewer symptoms, less stress, and may live longer them
some who do not seek support groups. Being ill and talking amongst others who are
experiencing similar health problem or even just trying to get help to help a loved one
relieves the one who is seeking help. For example, my aunt is in remission from
Multiple Myeloma. She was diagnosed with this cancer over 10 years ago. The
doctors gave her 5 years. She went to cancer support groups within her treatment
center allowing her to have hope that people can beat the odds and that she was not
alone. I find that when someone has negative support they tend not to do well as
others who can talk about what they are going through or what one who is ill that they
may know that is going through.
I am going to have to choose social networks because this covers a wide range of
things and not only when a crisis happens. This type of social support is important
because it helps people feel valued, supported, confident, and can even help us live
longer. The only downfall to this social method is that it may be less affective
depending on how many people are participating. The main reason I like this social
support is because it is so wide ranged from sexual active teen, and cancer patients all
the way to people who have just lost a loved one. Some methods only support certain
things or certain people this one supports them all and I find that very important
specially in today's society.
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I believe all of these means of providing social support are good and important in
helping an ill person. However since I have to choose one, I pick support groups.
I chose support groups because when a person is going through an illness I feel it is
more comforting talking with someone who is going through the same thing, or has
gone through it. I also feel that it is sometimes easier to discuss your feelings with
strangers than with family or friends. With family and friends they try to be strong for
the ill person, which could make the ill person not want to discuss their feelings. Also
an ill person might not want to burden family or friends. With a support group an ill
person can get the truth and can feel like they can say what ever they want about how
they are feeling, they can even just scream or cry if that is want they want to do.
I am going through something right now where a support group makes me feel better
than family and friends. My family and friends keep telling me everything will be fine,
and I know they are trying to be positive. However I can't be positive until I know for
sure and my family and friends just can't understand how scared i am.
I believe that support groups are important, because no matter who it is that is
taking care of an elderly, artistic, people who are very ill, anyone who chose to be lay
caregivers, and so on. So, no matter who you are or what you do everyone needs
someone to help or support them. I believe that support groups can help an ill person
by giving the people them the confidence that they need to help take care of the
people the proper care that is needed to help them to recover. Support groups can
support people in different ways like help you to get donations for surgeries,
treatments, and so on, and it can help you to find answers that you might have about
certain kind of treatments, surgeries, and so forth. They are also helpful for other
things as well. The social networks are very helpful as well, but I believe that support
groups are the most important. Social networks can help you to find answers to your
questions that you may have about different kinds of treatments, surgeries, and etc,
and social networks also give you a chance to talk to people who are going through
the same thing as you. A disadvantage of a social network is that you won't be able to
find some one to help you to come up with the money to help you to get your family
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member to get the meager surgery, treatment, and the care that they need to recover
like you would from support groups.

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