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Running head: MY WEBSITE DESIGN 1
My Website Design
Wilmington University
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My Website Design
This paper discusses the basics elements of how to create a website. Normally the
webpage consists of texts, images, and hyperlinks which helps users to know about the website’s
purpose clearly. However, we will be discussing the website which sells the hand-picked best and
feature-rich jewelry website in this handpicked collection to serve as your inspiration as per the
current trend.
Commercial Website:
Usually, commercial websites are used to advertise and sell their products/services. The
primary purpose of these websites is to generate and increase the revenue of a specific business.
Commercial websites are not meant for social service its primary goal is to create an interactive
platform for company-specific products or services to their customers.
The Purpose of my Website:
o My primary purpose is to provide custom-made unique jewelry to increase the
reachability of the brand name to get a greater number of customers.
o Provides the authenticated content in a dynamic manner to its targeted customers.
o My website presents featured videos about the jewelry dimensions and the size with
illustrated pictures.
The Targeted Audience:
Irrespective of age all women across the globe who loves unique jewelry are my targeted
audience. If the website approachability increases, then revenue also increases which leads to
more prominent brand value. Eventually, it begins to profitability for any business. I will be
naming my website i.e., The Rapid Jewels.
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Initial Plan of the Website
All websites ought to have common goals, likewise my website has some of the general
o The first general goal for my website is to increase brand awareness through strategic
marketing tools. Brand promotions bring more customers, it automatically increases lots
of customers for my jewelry brand. To achieve this goal we need to accomplish some
basic objectives like a well-formatted home page with user-friendly navigation.
o The second goal is to improve interaction at all levels. To provide better support and
service for customers to my website.
o Third goal is to provide the latest updates and features of the products on website.
Elements to Support My Website General Goals
Here are the elements which support general goals in addition to the photos, graphics,
music, animations.
o The website is organized with clear content easily navigate through the home page.
o Providing the sale for special events, for example, a special discount on their Birthdays,
anniversaries, etc.
o Providing an attractive option to select the greatest custom jewelry as per the customer’s
o Provide a link to select premade custom designs from the designer page.
o The website is accessible to smartphone users to shop from anywhere.
o The website has social networking sites for brand promotion, and they can share with
loved ones if they wish to buy products.
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Design Tools to Develop Your Website.
The web design tools which supports my website development are as follows:
o How to fulfill the purpose of my website development
o The design tools which we choose follow standards or not.
o The design tools give the uniform look and feel and accessibility to all devices.
o A web design tool should not be a threat to my website’s protection and security factors.
o The technology is available at an optimal cost for my website or not.
Keeping all these aspects I will be selecting the web design tools for website design. I
will use the markup languages like HTML technologies. HTML is used to format and
organized elements through tags along with CSS to apply the styles to webpage elements
such as: font, margin, background colors, and positioning. The main benefit of CSS is
styling in best way possible. Similarly, some scripting languages are also involved in web
page creation such as, JavaScript and PHP etc. This CMS software is used to manage the
web content as per requirement of my website maintenance.
The Website Domain Name and the URL.
A domain name is my website name. In generic domain names can be used to access the
website. Evermore the domain names are unique from one to another. URL: URL means uniform
resource locator it identifies the Website location within the computer network.
URL name for my website is https://www. This URL is the entry
point to access my website through any web browser. URL is embedded with Protocol and
domain name followed by top-level domain designation. In the above-specified URL HTTP is
Protocol and www. is the domain name. .com is the top-level domain.
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The Conclusion
Here is my brief action plan to design my own website with the help of design tools and
security protocols. After using all necessary obligations, I will be creating a website for custom-
made jewelry.
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