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Based on Goodfellow's (2007) article, describe the value of virtualization
as well as how your company can make use of it.
There are key reasons why virtualization is valuable to a company.
Virtualization, simply put, is the method of executing software (not just OS) separated
from the underlying resources. This is good for a company because resources are shared
between different systems. For example, one machine can run multiple operating
systems, which can balance server load, and allocation of resources for different virtual
servers is more manageable, and can be done with just a few clicks unlike on multiple
servers where you have to manually change the hardware. Space and electricity costs are
minimized. Hardware upgrades are also reduced because a company would only need to
upgrade fewer machines. Downtimes can be minimized because most of virtualization
software has a roll-back feature and can be switched to a different virtual server for a
seamless operation. Testing new operating systems is also easier because it can be run on
a new virtual server and not have to reinstall/install everything on a new machine.
I have a total of 5 websites, three I own and the other two I admin. The biggest
site runs on my home server, and the other four runs on a shared VPS. If I upgrade my
home server and bump up the specs to at least 4 core CPU, 1TB HDD and 8GB RAM, I
can pretty much host all five sites on one machine, and have them all virtually hosted.
Doing it this way, I can provide full OS root access to the owners of the two sites I
admin. They will have total control over the OS, but I can still have full control on how
much resources they can use. Depending on their usage, I can throttle their CPU usage to
allow other virtual server to run smoothly. Cost will be significantly reduced. Instead of
having the other four sites hosted by a third-party company, everything will be hosted
from my house, where I can have full control over software and hardware.
The only thing I did not like about the article is that it only mentioned MS
VMWare, Parallels, Virtual PC, etc. What about the other giant software like OpenVZ
and XEN for the unix machines ?

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