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Ramona Lister
October 17, 2021
CH 7 Review Questions
1.) You have just finished installing a network
adapter and booted up the system, installing the
drivers. You open File Explorer on a remote
computer and don't see the computer on which
you installed the new NIC. What is the first thing
you check? The second thing?
b.); c.)- In CH Summary NICs have status
indicator lights and wake-on LAN and QoS
2.) As an IT technician, you arrive at a
customer's home office to troubleshoot
problems he's experiencing with his printer.
While questioning the customer to get an
understanding of his network, you find that he
has a new Wi-Fi router that connects wirelessly
to a new desktop and two new laptops, in
addition to multiple smartphones, tablets, and
the network printer. He also has several smart
home devices, including security cameras, light
switches, door locks, and a thermostat
supported by an IoT controller hub. To work on
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the printer, which type of network will you be
interacting with?
d.)- Networks are categorized by size.
3.) While you work on the customer's printer,
he continues chatting about his network and
problems he's been experiencing. One complaint
is that his Internet service slows down
considerably in the evening. You suspect you
know the cause of this problem: His neighbors
arrive home in the evening and bog down the
ISP's local infrastructure. To be sure, you take a
quick look at the back of his modem. What type
of cable connected to the WAN port would
confirm your suspicions and why?
Coaxial cable connected to the modem's WAN
port would confirm that the customer is using
cable Internet, which shares the TV cable
infrastructure with other customers in the area.
This can result in service becoming degraded if
many people in the neighborhood are using
cable Internet at the same time.
4.) Your customer then asks you if it would be
worth the investment for him to have Ethernet
cabling installed to reach each of his
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workstations, instead of connecting them by
Wi-Fi to his network. Specifically, he wants to
know if that would speed up communications
for the workstations. You examine his router
and find that it's using 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Would
you advise him to upgrade to Ethernet? Why or
why not?
5.) You run the ipconfig command on your
computer, and it reports an IP address of on the Ethernet interface. Which
device assigned this IP address to the interface?
d.)- Because of the IP address.
6.) A friend of yours is having trouble getting
good Internet service. He says his house is too
remote for cable TVhe doesn't even have a
telephone line to his house. He's also really
frustrated with satellite service because cloudy
skies or storms often disrupt the signal. You ask
him what provider he uses for his cell phone. He
says he has Verizon for his cell, which gets a
good signal at his house. What Internet service
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will you recommend he look into getting for his
home network?
b.)- That way he doesn’t have to choose between
wired and wireless Internet.
7.) You've just received a call from Human
Resources asking for assistance with a problem.
One of your company's employees, Renee, has
recently undergone extensive surgery and will
be homebound for 3-5 months. She plans on
working from home and needs a solution to
enable frequent and extended access to the
company network's resources. Which WAN
technology will you need to configure for Renee
and which tool will you use to configure it?
8.) Describe two different methods of opening
the Network and Sharing Center in Windows 10.
1. Right-click the Network icon in the desktop
taskbar, click Open Network & Internet
settings, and then click Network and
Sharing Center.
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2. Right-click Start, click Network
Connections, and then click Network and
Sharing Center.
9.) In this chapter, you learned how to set a static IP
address in Windows. Most Linux OSs allow these
settings to be changed from the command line.
Search online to see how to do this. What Linux
command is used to set the interface to a static IP
iface. Also acceptable is iface eth0 inet static.
10.) Your boss has asked you to configure a DHCP
reservation on the network for a Windows computer
that is used to configure other devices on a network.
To do this, you need the computer's MAC address.
What command can you enter at the command line
to access this information?
ipconfig /all. Also acceptable is arp -a.
11.) You're setting up a Minecraft gaming server so
that you and several of your friends can share a
realm during your gameplay. To do this, your
friends will need to access your server over the
Internet, which means you must configure your
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router to send this traffic to your game server.
Which router feature will you use and which port
must you open?
Port forwarding will send Minecraft traffic to the
gaming server without exposing the rest of the
network to that traffic from the Internet. Minecraft
uses port 25565.
12.) While troubleshooting an Internet connection
problem for your network, you restarted the modem
and then the router. The router is now
communicating with the Internet, which you can
confirm by observing the blinking light on the
router's WAN indicator. However, now your laptop is
not communicating with the router. Order the
commands below to fix the problem and confirm
d.); b.); a.); c.)
13.) You have just installed a SOHO router in a
customer's home and the owner has called to say his
son is complaining that Internet gaming is too slow.
His son is using a wireless laptop. Which
possibilities should you consider to speed up the
son's gaming experience? Select all that apply.
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Verify that the wireless connection is using the
fastest wireless standard the router supports.
-Suggest the son use a wired Gigabit Ethernet
connection to the network.
-Enable QoS for the gaming applications on the
router and on the son's computer.
14.) You need a VPN to connect to a private, remote
network in order to access some files. You click the
network icon in your taskbar to establish the
connection, and realize there is no VPN option
available on the menu. What tool do you need to use
to fix this problem?
15.) You're troubleshooting a network connection
for a client at her home office. After pinging the
network's default gateway, you discovered that the
cable connecting the desktop to the router had been
damaged by foot traffic and was no longer providing
a reliable signal. You replaced the cable, this time
running the cable along the wall so it won't be
stepped on. What do you do next?
Ping the router again to confirm the network
connection is working.
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