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Hello class,
It is said that love is the most misused word in the English language. While I may not delve into
the discussion of whether love still exist or not, the aforementioned statement is a clear indicator
that there is a significant number of people who use the word ‘love’ while meaning something
totally different. One of the most astonishing things about human beings is the ability to evolve
over time and develop the capability to experience a multitude of feelings that are not
experienced by other members of kingdom animalia, with disgust being the most common
feeling. Feelings may range from anger, hate, jealousy, envy, love, disdain, shame to the more
subtle ones like happiness, pride and empathy.
However, love and liking are the most significant because the evolution have used these two to
encourage procreation and peaceful coexistence hence reducing unnecessary deaths which can
lead to extinction of some species. Among human beings, love and liking are more pronounced.
Love can exist between offspring and parents for protection purposes, between couples for
procreation purposes. However, the same can be experienced by people who do not have
intention for procreation or such. When one is in love, the brief rush of dopamine into the brain’s
reward circuitry system becomes almost automatic when they are in the company of those they
love or when they think about them. This situation gives the person a unexplained feeling about
their love which can make them do almost anything to protect them. Unlike liking, love involves
a feeling that does not go away easily even if the people in question argue. The brain is somehow
geared towards bringing them together. However, liking is more linked to mood and may be
Difference Between Love and Like

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