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Globalization and Functioning of the Local Governments
As countries of the world become more connected to each other with the help of digital platforms, they
need to become more collaborative in terms of working together with the more. For instance, countries
should hold hands in caring for the environment and fighting terrorism. As the world has become a small
village due to the effects of globalization and the nations of the world being more interconnected, the
local governments are forced to take in-laws and ideas that are sometimes oppressive to them. Mostly,
this takes place in matters of economic globalization.
The international communities are aware of the continued damage that has been happening to the
earth's environment. The non-governmental organizations and the agencies of the United Nations,
during their meeting in the Johannesburg summit for the review of sustainable world development,
evaluated the progress of sustainable development during the previous ten years. It came to their
attention that the world environment has not been getting any better due to the biodiversity being
depleted. There has been an increase in the rates of desertification and the evident adverse
consequences of climate change. Therefore, although there have been several attempts to achieve
sustainable development, there has been very little accomplished to date. There has also been an
increasing concern and awareness about the rising natural resources scarcity and also the deterioration
of the world environment that has been taking place gradually. Consequently, the biosphere entirely gas
been taken to be of an essential value to all people of the world, where its preservation and protection
has become a common issue of concern.
The effects of globalization gaveled to transboundary developments. These developments gave been in
terms of social, economic, cultural, and political exchange. Such a scenario can be described in several
different ways; however, the globalization context has been adopted as it includes a broadening and
deepening of fast exchanges in transboundary developments due to improvement and growth in
technology, media, and communication. These interactions and exchanges take place at all governance
levels and among actors of non-states, thus making the world to become more interdependent. This
interdependence creates new development where there are reached at international laws that result
from these changes and thus become a common concern for all mankind. With the world becoming
interdependent, if attempts are adopted to restrict globalization, this would translate to failure and
narrowed focus in the accommodation of the cultural, environmental, and social issues. In this scenario,
globalization means something else like the slave trade that has all along been unregulated across the
world. Therefore, adoption of its restrictive measure would be greatly opposed by the human kind as
this measure would fail to address important common issues such as protection of the environment.
The local governments have also been experiencing failure in leadership misappropriation and
embezzlement of funds by the holders of political offices lack of political will in addressing the political
and administrative corruption cadre, corruption, and fraud by the collectors of revenue, all these
activities enabled by the digital transformation and transfer of funds.
Local governments require funds to steer their project and overcome future challenges. Funds for the
local governments is about the expenditure and revenue decisions made by the local governments that
affect their day-to-day routines and plan for future development to overcome challenges. The common
sources of revenue for the local governments are the taxes collected from sales of property, income
generated by the workers, and the institutions’ properties; transfers from one government to the other,
and user fees. The revenues that are collected from taxes amount to about 42% of the total revenues
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collected. The local governments borrow and as well use their operating revenues to finance their
infrastructure, and also use developers and private or public partnerships charges to steer the projects
with the aim of obtaining sustainable development.
The world communities have internationally began recognizing that the dangers directed to the
environment are similar concerns by all humankind. Apparently, it is acknowledged that measures
effective for the protection of the environment need be taken. There are therefore some essential ways
in which the common human concerns are related to the sustainable development concept to achieve
this goal. Measure through which the society is meeting future challenges and converting them into
opportunities is through such concepts as social dimensions where all the members of the society are
involved in environmental conservation. this conservation includes not only the members of the society,
but also the legislature, judiciary, departments of the governments, and the executive government. The
emergence of sustainable developments as a guiding concept has given humanity the strength to attain
the objective of striking a balance between life and nature. This involvement seeks to improve areas
such as eradication of poverty, sanitation and water, changing the patterns of production and
consumption that have not been sustainable, natural resources management, energy, agricultural
sustainability, regional initiatives, and climate change.
The international community has seen it essential to include public participation in the realization of the
sustainable development objective. The involvement of the public means that organizations and groups
should obtain information about development and environment, and the people should be directly
involved during the processes of decision-making in matters regarding the environments where they
live. Such participation and involvement encourage and motivates responsibilities and commitments to
the groups and individuals concerned. The presence of laws would not be enough to protect the
common concern, therefore, there is the need for the public to be involved in the environmental
protection. Therefore, achievement of the sustainable development objective calls for cooperation of all
humanity, and all states.
In conclusion, the relationship between the sustainable development and the common concern by all
humankind is displayed in the spatial, temporal, and social dimensions. In the dimension of space, the
common concern encourages cooperation by the international communities in the resolution for the
environmental problems. In the temporal dimension, the environmental concern calls for limitation in
the natural resources’ consumption, or limitations in the means of sustainably maintaining resources so
that the future generations will have their rights taken into account and considered. In the social
dimension, the concern calls for a collaborative planning and decision-making by the international
community to fight the hazards of the environment. Therefore, since the common concern by all
humankind focuses all the attention in finding global solutions to the environmental hazards, the
translation is that the threat of the environment can be globally viewed, although action may be taken
regionally or locally.

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