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College of Medicine FINAL EXAMINATION
Department of Obstetrics&Gynecology Class: - 5th Class
Time: - 3 hrs
Part I (single choice) - (40 marks)
1) Ectopic pregnancy :
A. More common in ovaries.
B. Always treated by surgery.
C. Can be treated by methotraxate.
D. Can be due to contraceptive pills being used.
2) In ovarian tumors all true except :
A. There is a strong genetic relation.
B. Thyrotoxicosis is one of the presentations.
C. Decreasing family size is a risk factor.
D. Germ cell tumor is common in old age group.
3) Uterine fibroids are :- except:
A. Common in those of afro-Caribbean ethnicity.
B. Possible the main cause of infertility.
C. Known to cause backache.
D. Not reducible in size by medical treatment.
4) The following are related to premature ovarian failure :- except:
A. There are decreased level of estrogen.
B. There are decreased level of autoimmune disease.
C. There are decreased level of FSH.
D. Karyotype is indicated in women to develop the problem before 25 years of age.
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5) Regarding primary amenorrhea :all true except:
A. Failure of breast development by the age 10 year requires investigation.
B. It may be due to systemic disease.
C. Turner's syndrome is a known cause and should be excluded.
D. The majority of the cases of primary amenorrhea are constitutional.
6) The gold standard in diagnosis of endometriosis is :
A. Hysteroscopy.
B. Laparoscopy.
C. Doppler U/S.
D. Hysterosalpingogram.
7) The following condition may increase the risk of tubal block in future:
A. Pituitary adenoma.
B. Endometrial hyperplasia.
D. Ectopic pregnancy.
8) Causes of post menopausal bleeding include all except:
A. Endometrial cancer.
B. Cervical cancer
C. Ovarian cancer.
D. Increase body mass index.
9) Hirsutism can be due to:
A. Pituitary adenoma.
B. Adrenal hypoplasia.
C. Danazol therapy.
D. Breast cancer.
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10) In X-Y females :
A. Patient presented with oligomenorrhea.
B. Small breast.
C. Ovaries produce testosterone.
D. Short vagina.
11) The prophylactic measures for ovarian tumor include all except:
A. CA 125.
B. Doppler U/S.
C. Prophylactic hysterectomy with bilateral salpingeo-opherectomy.
D. Hysteroscopy
12) The following investigations may be positive in PCOS patients:
A. Increase prolactin.
B. Decreased prolactin
C. Increase FSH/LH ratio.
D. Decrease insulin level.
13) In abnormal uterine bleeding :
A. Always due to pelvic pathology.
B. Complete blood count may be important investigations.
C. Average blood loss more than 30ml.
D. Most endometrial biopsy show malignant changes.
14) Clinical evidence of ovulation include:
A. Increase basal body temperature.
B. Observation of vaginal secretion.
C. Exfoliative cervical cytology.
D. Hysteroscopy and direct observation of the ovaries.
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15) Women at the high risk of endometrial carcinoma if they have following
A. Premature menopause.
B. Hypertension.
C. Diabetes.
D. Family history of endometrial carcinoma.
16) Risk factors for cervical cancer include all except:
A. First coitus at a young age.
B. Single sexual partner.
C. Lower socioeconomic status.
D. Human papilloma virus (HPV).
17) The following statements about molar pregnancy:
A. Partial moles are common as complete moles.
B. Complete mole is diploid in origin.
C. Partial mole triploid conspectuses with two maternal and one paternal set.
D. The incidence of molar pregnancy is dramatically decreased in women who conceive
over the age of 50 years.
18) The following presentation are true in molar pregnancy :
A. Vaginal spotting.
B. Pass vesicle.
C. Brownish vaginal discharge.
D. All above.
19) Presentation of Bartholin abscess involve all except:
A. Fever
B. Lump.
C. Vaginal bleeding. D. Pain.
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20) Which of the following condition can be diagnosed with
A. Endometriosis.
B. Hydrosalpinx.
C. Subserous fibroid.
D. Minimal pelvic adhesion.
Part II :- Assay (60 marks).
1) Defined amenorrhea and list common causes of it? (15 Marks)
2) Enumerate the methods of contraception? (15 Marks)
3) Defined polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and enumerate
the complication of it? (15Marks)
4)Define ectopic pregnancy and list its causes?
(15 Marks)
Good luck

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