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Assignment 2
Due February 20 at 9:59 PM
Directions: After reading the required chapters for this
week, Please select a total 2 of the questions to reply to.
Your response should be substantial and demonstrate your
understanding of the required readings. Please be sure to
fully elaborate on your responses, incorporate information
from the textbook to support each response, and use
citations when necessary.
Chapter 6
1. Is classifying people who have been convicted of a crime
according to the probability of future criminal conduct a
good idea? What are the dangers of the practice? What are
its advantages?
2. What policy recommendations would you make with
regard to the way career criminals are handled? (You may
use a scholarly source outside of your text for this
Chapter 7
3. What are the pros and cons of preventive detention? How
might it affect crime control? How might it affect due
4. How does the presentence investigation report affect ac-
countability for the sentence that is imposed?
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5. Why might some people on probation be kept in the
community after a technical violation rather than having
their probation revoked?
Chapter 9
6. How do intermediate sanctions work betteras a way of
improving on probation or as a way of avoiding the
negatives of imprisonment? Why?

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