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Facilities Management
03 Activity2
1. What are the available location planning options for Starbucks?
The available location planning option for Starbucks After the site location decision has been made, the
next focus in production planning is the facility’s layout. The goal is to determine the most efficient and
effective design for the particular production process. A manufacturer might opt for a production line,
for example, rather than a long, straight one, to allow products and workers to move more quickly from
one area to another.
2. What are the risks associated with the business expansion of Starbucks Italy?
If Starbucks decides to expand to Italy, it faces a number of issues. First, if it fails, Starbucks could
damage its corporate image because Starbucks was supposed to have been inspired by Italy’s coffee
culture. On the occasion that Italians reject Starbucks’s coffee, then there’s the question of whether it
would adversely affect the brand globally. Second, Starbucks needs to keep in mind that Italy’s economy
has been shrinking continuously and that the country faces roughly 12.2% unemployment.
3. What are the considerations of Starbucks in choosing a business location, based on the general
procedure for making location decisions?
The considerations of Starbucks of choosing the business location based on the general procedure for
making location decisions is the overall concept because the Starbucks have a vision and image of the
organization and the extent to which these should be reflected in the appearance and general design of
the facility.
4. What is the most appropriate location alternative technique should the company employ?
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Starbucks said in a statement that it “takes a thoughtful and strategic approach
when choosing store locations, carefully considering many factors including community demand. We are
always looking for great locations to both better meet the needs of our current customers and to reach
new ones.

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