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Lanat, Shiena Mae M BSED-IIA
Gender Inequalities
‘The term gender is commonly used to refer to the psychological, cultural, and social
characteristics that distinguish the sexes’ (Cook 1). Gender Inequality is the differences in the
status, power and prestige women and men have in groups, collectivities and societies.
Gender Inequality usually affects women more than men due to the status in society. Many
women are affected in the workforce due to gender inequalities, in many countries such as
Iraq and Afghanistan women are held at lower position to men. In countries such as those,
women are thought of as property other human beings. Why does gender inequality happen?
The most enforcing cause of gender inequality would be stereotypes. Stereotypes have lead
society to believe that a male or female should appear, act, or in more philosophical terms, be
a certain way. Society has females and males alike type casted into roles which have basic
characteristics that are the reverse of each other. Although, this has begun to change over the
past thirty years, typically the man seen as superior to the female. Before the feminist
revolution began, the female was traditionally in charge of taking care of the children and
household. Her image in life was that of the wife, mother, and nurturing person. Men are
supposed to be the breadwinners, they are supposed to work and support the family. Their
characteristics were seen as; ‘aggressive, unemotional, objective, dominant, competitive,
logical/rational, strong, sexual, physical, successful..’. Men were the protectors of their
families and were responsible for providing the strength which the family would need to
However, as time passed by, things started changing slowly. Nonetheless, they are far from
perfect. Gender Inequality remains a serious issue in today’s time that won’t resolve within a
few days. Similarly, achieving the goal of equality is also not going to be an easy one. We
must start by breaking it down and allow it time to go away.
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Firstly, we must focus on eradicating this problem through education. In other words, we
must teach our young ones to counter gender stereotypes from their childhood. Similarly, it is
essential to ensure that they hold on to the very same beliefs till they turn old. We must show
them how sports are not gender-biased. Further, we must promote equality in the fields of
All in all, humanity needs men and women to continue. Thus, inequality will get us nowhere.
To conclude the gender inequality essay, we need to get rid of old- age traditions and
mentality. We must teach everyone, especially the boys all about equality and respect. It
requires a lot of work but it is possible. We can work together and achieve equal respect and
opportunities for all genders alike.

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