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How To Save The Bird Nest Today?
The people of the today’s generation do not think about the other people. The
people today do not like to think about the work they are doing. Some of the people do not
know even how help the other people? The people do not think about the saving, the people
only knows about the spending and wasting. The people only knows to take the facilities
from the things, they do not know giving the good service to the others. Today there is
mission is going on of the saving the nature. To save the nature, there are some things we can
do; one of those things is saving the Bird Nest, which is made by the birds to stay. The birds
are the nature’s property.
Yes this is very true that the birds and animals are the property of the nature,
the nature helps them to live their life, and the nature helps them to survive by giving the
food and water. The nature gave them life to live and the nature gave them place to stay. So
actually we cannot be middle of that. Some of the people believes that the birds and the
animals are their property and kills them for their costlier body parts, it is really very wrong.
Also we can say that Bird Nest is also property of the nature, because the material which
takes the bird to make the nests, the nature gives them. Nobody of us is having the permission
to destroy those nests of the birds.
Some of the people believes that birds can stay with the people, yes that is true
but it can be true in real manner when the people makes the Bird Nest for staying the birds.
Birds should feel those nests as the same nests which are always being made by them. Some
of the people are being cruel enough that they destroys the nests and houses made by the
birds and animals, so we should not do that and also we do not have permission of that. We
can save the nest as much as we can. we can save the nests by giving the birds their own
houses and nests back to them. If we will save the nests and houses of the birds and nature,
we will fill relaxed by feeling that we have helped the some to save the nature, and can enjoy
these all.

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Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.