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Lab 8: Review for Practical
Objectives to Review:
Reading and making measurements on Maps
Calculating and converting rates
Tectonic boundaries- stress
Information/reading a topo map
Topo profile
Calculate Slip rates
Seismic Data- epicenter/magnitude
Station 1: Rate Conversions, Map, & map scale problems.
1 mile
5,280 feet
1 foot
12 inches
1 meter
3.2808399 feet
1 mile
1.609344 meters
1 meter
100 centimeters
1 kilometer
1000 meters
Using the provided map of Plutonium Valley, Nevada
1) What is the scale of this map?
Scale: 1:24000
2) Measure from French Peak to Radioactive Waste Dump. What is the measured distance on the
map in centimeters?
10 cm
3) How many centimeters does this represent in the real world?
240000 cm
4) Convert the above distance to miles?
1.49 miles
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5) What is the azimuth orientation?
Due Noth
6) What are the UTM coordinates of the southernmost Blast Center?
a. _______59300 E__________________
b. _________4092000 N________________
7) What geologic feature is located at 36° 57’ 30’’ N & 115° 55’ 00’’ W?
Graticule Intersection
Station 2:
Use the map of the northwest USA below to answer the following questions. You’ll need a
calculator, and scrap piece of paper or ruler for this. The content of this lab is from previous lab
The map above portrays the Northwest USA with major volcanic centers associated with the
Yellowstone hotspot track indicated.
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8) How many cm on your ruler is equal to 300km on the map?
3.4 cm
9) Use the scale on the map above to determine the (straight line) distance in km, between the
Owyhee-Humbolt Volcanic field and the Heise volcanic field. There are 1.61 kilometers in 1
326.48 km
10) What is the rate of movement from Owyhee-Humbolt to Heise. Your answer should be in
km/Ma (kilometers per millions of years). This is the rate of plate movement.
35.105 km/Ma
11) Convert the above answer into cm/yr
3.5105 cm/year
12) Using your cm/y rate, determine how many cm the plate will move in 50 years?
In fifty years, 175.526 cm
13) In which direction is the North American plate moving?
West Southwest
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