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Letter of transmittal
06 July 2012
Name: of the group
Hotel Manager
InterContinental Sydney Hotel, Sydney, Australia.
Dear Mr….
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your confidence in us to conduct an inspection
and compile this report regarding the condition of the hotel’s King Harbour Bridge View room,
which covers 30 square meters. Using a Venue Condition Assessment form and a Likert scale,
the report assessed the room and presented its findings together with supporting information. Our
experience in inspection certainly facilitated appropriate and justifiable information regarding the
venue’s condition. Therefore, we present this Venue Condition Assessment for the King Harbour
Bridge View that occurred on June 20, 2012. Generally, the inspected room in the hotel is in
good condition, clean and well maintained.
Yours sincerely
Name of the group:
Executive summary
The InterContinental Sydney is the focus of this Venue Condition Assessment report. For many
years, there have been various modifications in order to satisfy the current demand. With the stiff
competition offered by other existing hotels in the city, the InterContinental Sydney Hotel
always ascertains that its facilities are in good condition to attract and retain as many clients as
possible. To achieve this, the hotel carries out refurbishments and renovations on its facilities
regularly. This is not only vital in the acquisition and retention of clients, but also in satisfaction
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Risk & Facility 3
of the shareholders, local community, suppliers, and employees’ needs. This is because the
conditions of the hotel have a direct impact on the aforementioned stakeholders and the firm’s
financial position.
To document the firm’s condition, there was a need for a comprehensive assessment. The
specific area assessed in the report is the King Harbour Bridge View room in the
InterContinental Sydney hotel. The room covers a total area of 30 square meters, and the
inspection was done on various areas like structural, security, information technology and
information system, fixtures, furniture and equipment, as well as heating, ventilation, and air-
condition (Keith 2011). Therefore, the basis of the report is on the information collected during
inspection. The report also incorporate some photographs and tables to support the information
provided. Besides, the report offers a description of every aspect in the area of inspection.
Name of property: InterContinental Sydney
Address: 117 Macquarie Street, Sydney, 2000, Australia.
Purpose: events, conferences, vacations,
Date of inspection: 20 July 2012
Total inspection area: 30 square meters
Time of Inspection: 1200hours
Type of report:
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