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5 Ways to Use Ghee for Eyes
August 18, 2020
Netra Tarpan | Eye Cups | Benefits | Cow Ghee
In the words of Shakespeare, "Eyes are the window to your soul." But weak
and poor eyesight is a growing peril for most individuals. Blame it on the
massive amount of screen time exposure at the workplace or at home, a
majority of folks today have lenses or glasses to deal with their vision
problems. While most of them dislike wearing them, is there an alternative?
Yes, that's what you thought expensive medications, paying hefty fees of
ophthalmologists, bundles of eye drops, using a corrective lens, or surgery.
But what if we tell you that there is an Ayurvedic way to cure your precious
Are you wondering how Ayurveda can be a magic treatment for your eyes?
Well, you had the magic Ayurvedic ingredient all along in your kitchen
the most under-appreciated Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter). Remember when
your mother told you about the vital benefits of Desi Ghee? It turns out that
besides its dietary use, this magical ingredient has far stretching benefits
for your skin, hair, and eyes. It enhances your immune system, helps
manage weight, easing joint aches, and much more.
Netra Tarpana: An Ayurvedic Remedy For Eyes
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Are you wondering how you can use desi ghee for your eyes? According to
Ayurveda, our eyes are a pitta (hot) organ which gets aggravated due to
numerous external factors or excessive heat. Ghee for eyes acts as a cooling
oil to address the imbalances of pitta organs. It also aids in nourishing dry
or fatigued eyes.
Desi Ghee is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that help maintain optimal
eye health by treating eyesight problems. According to the Ayurvedic eye
treatment, Netra-Tarpana meaning ghee eye bath can naturally enhance
your eye health using cow ghee for eyesight. Traditionally a dam was
created with urad flour dough around the eyes. The dough is firm and
prevents leakage of the desi ghee. However, nowadays, you can readily find
eye cups or eyeglasses at any pharmacy to ease the hassle of making the
dough. The first step isSterilize the eyecups every time before using
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