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A Fresh Blog Post on People Combs their Hairs as Bird Nest






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Only Birds Can Design Their Bird Nest
The people of the earth wishes to copy those things, which are made by the
other people. Some of those people are also trying to copy those things which can be adopted
by the nature. The nature is one of the main sources of the people to live their life. All the
people of the earth wishes that they make those things, which earth produces, it means they
wish to make duplicate things which the earth has. The Bird Nest is one of those things,
which are made by the beautiful birds for their stay. People have made their stays as the
houses and birds have made their houses as the nests. Both are very same but different with
the quality.
The people of the earth have made the houses with the concrete, which is hard
to break and to destroy, but the birds have made the houses with the wooden sticks, which are
always being destroyed by the people themselves. Also the people have made the houses in
the forests which are called now as civil area, but if any bird makes the house in people’s
area, the people destroys their houses immediately just because it does not look good with
people’s houses. Those very same people when makes the Bird Nest to make stay of the bird,
they are becoming failed to attract the birds, because the birds knows which is real and which
is fake.
Some of the people do not understands that tries to make duplicate houses, but
they are being failed every time. Those people do not know that to copy the nature is
impossible thing, and to copy the Bird Nest is also very impossible because the designs of
the nests are very difficult to understand for the people. If you or any of your friends have
seen the nests of the birds ever, they are always designed so wonderful and beautiful that we
the people cannot design same as those nests. It is very difficult too to even think about the
dame design as the nest made by the birds. So we can just say that if you wish to décor your
house by the original birds, you should let them design their own houses with their own
designs. Because they are one of the greatest designers of the whole world, as we have the
designing people here, the nature has the birds.

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