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Note on mineral iron ore

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Note on mineral:Iron ore 1. o Chap 8 Minerals Aron Ore 5e Cocentaties) outroducherr olises Types Smuportant countries Question write a note on Iron ore. Ans o Introduchin. It is the most useful and cheapest metal of the world. It was known and used for ornamental purposes and weapons in prehistoric A group of i'm beads found in Egypt, dates from about 4000 Bc. It is one of the Earth most plentiful minerals and is the key by which man produces and increases wealth. o Lises of Iron from is the most useful metal of the world. It is the key of dever Coment. It is used to manufacture or produce galvanized sheet, electro- magnets, medical treatments, medicines, machinery, rocilway Freeks, buildings electrical goods, rnstor vehicles, etc... • Types of trom ore The commercially mined iron ore has following four main types; 1 Magnetite 2) Hemalite 3, Limonite 4) Siderite 1) Magnetite: It is the best quality Irom ore due to very high proportion of metal. It contains about 72% metal contents. It is dark in colour and worries loetoaon dark brown to black. 9kn suitable for electrical its magnetic property. 2 Hematite:- It is the most common of the four and widely used. It has 60-70% metal contents and found in Reddish brown colour. Hematite is found vastly in U.S.A. Russia & India. 3, Limonita: Limonite is the brown ore, has 50% metal contents only. Although it is abundant but mined at very Duinsled seale. 0 industry because 2. 4 Siderite i Siderite is a carbonate of iron a unlike limenite, its is also a residual one. It is ath.gray in colour and Contains lien contente 30-40%. It's use very little due to lack of metal contents. do chompotant Irm-ore, produering countries of the world: Among the metalcom account for more the 90% of the world tonnaje. Sun Donoru restu 300.000 million smetric tonn stick Love sufficient for many certiores. Only_49 Cerintnie of the world produce Meie tomore which produced 1482*6 mmit in drob.7. Following are the important irmore, 1 Braziliyad e producing countries in the world. Brazil is the largest producer of Iron ore in the world. It has about 6.5.000 million metrie torin. Yedevues of frm ore. From which 15% found in the mines of Minas Gerais. The other important mines are located at Mato Grosso. Itabira. Du sul & Carajas. Brazil has the best qualili irm.ore . produced zoo montirmore in 2006. 2 China, The stemd largeet ism.ere prodwcing Coumbiychas lecco reserves China has high grade. irmore retenues of Mongmeliti sa Hormetili Manchuria has the largect irm reseves of China while Hopie, Beijing, yangtze valley, Shayking, Chaing Jiang and shouting, etc are otter important are as of China for iron ore. China has to inport ismore to meeting the domestic requirements of local industing. It is the largest importer of stropion of the world. le produchim girmere in 2006, cums 276.4 m.m.tonus. 3) Australia 24 Australia in the third largest e producing country of the world. It is the largest iron exporting country. It also has the high grad uym_eve_reserves at the largest scale, especially al- Midda leback, Iron-knob a from Monoarich. The Mount Goldsworthy, Brucet Tomprice are other mining areas of Ironore in Australia. It- Produced 70 mm.toons more in 2006. vymere important 2. 3. 52 4) India : The estimated revues op dit are lo m.m.linn Hridica is fourth largest producer of irmore in the world has high grade Irm boll Magnetita 4 Hometta 3 alas exporta ive after meeting He domethit needs of industry. Goa. Madya Pardel Orcita Bidan, kamatka Makamwuaktyo And you Pourdesh are important from are Producing States of India. It produced 150mmit inmore in 2006. ussia: TEL. 1999, Russia_wee the longest producer of tramore in the could But afli 25 fall, now he position cumong iron are producent It has large im ere berernes i Uval. East Siberia. Mocow. Russia is also among iron exproting countries, although haslar gest Irm & Slied industry. Its production in 2006 was 103.9 mm. tonns. 6, Ukraine Tell 1990, it was important part of Russia.but now an independent state of Central Asia. It is the largest iron ore producer of inmone in the world. It Posses_8000manit reseries. The Krivi Rog is largest iron ore producing center of Ukraine. It also exporte loom to other count reeds n doob, in producho_war_73 m.m.tonne.. 7.U.S.A. U.S.A., has great_strength among from ore producing countries and Raposition is dool. But unfortunatelyitspoeductim witnessed decline since 1973. It is an imputant imposter of Iron ore from other countri, especially from Breziland Australia to meet the requiemnts ? local industry. There are four iron ore_producing areas in USA. 1) The North-eastern Region: Newyork, New Jersey 2) The Southeastern Regime Birmingham, Alabama. Temnosea.Red Montana _31 The Western Regim. Ultach, California Newarda -4. The Late Superior Regin. Mesabi.orge. Vermilcm Roge. Michigan... Wisconsin. U.S. A produced 54 m.m.tonns iron are in deob. ...
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