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Course Syllabus
Department of Health Enhancement
HLTH 105: Personal and Community Health
I. Contact Information
Your instructor’s contact information is listed on the “Instructor Information” page in the
“Introductory Module”.
During the course, all email communication should be done through
Blackboard. The only exception is if you are unable to access the course. If you cannot
access the class, then you must contact the IT Help Desk before emailing the instructor.
Any email sent to the instructor’s outside email address that does not involve being
unable to open the class website may be deleted.
Please note that you should not expect an immediate response to emails. It may take up
to two business days for you to receive a response. Please plan accordingly.
II. General Course Information
HLTH 105: Personal and Community Health Multiple CRNs; 3 credit on-line course
This course will be conducted entirely online. There will be no on-campus meetings.
Active participation in the online activities and completion of all homework and online
assignments is required to pass this course.
This course will explore the meaning and significance of physical, mental, and social
health as related to the individual and to society; important phases of national health
problems; constructive methods of promoting the health of the individual and the
community; and health problems of college students and young people. There is an
assessment that is required for this class. It is ENGL 101/101A. If you do not meet
this assessment level, you will either be asked to leave the class, or will be dropped by
the instructor.
HLTH 105 fulfills a General Education Requirement and General Elective. Montgomery the instructor.
HLTH 105 fulfills a General Education Requirement and General Elective. Montgomery College General
Education Program is designed to ensure that students have the skills,
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knowledge, and attitudes to carry them successfully through their work and personal
lives. This course provides multiple opportunities to develop the following competencies:
critical analysis and reasoning, written and oral communication, technological
competency, and personal, social, and civic awareness.
For all general distance education related questions, contact the Office of Distance
Education and Learning Technologies at 240-567-6000 or
For all Blackboard and MyMC related questions and issues, contact the IT Service Desk
at 240-567-7222 or or the Blackboard Online
Support Center.

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