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Translation Urdu into English Class 10
Bismillah Educational Project of Pakistan by Muhammad Usman Khichi
Paragraph 1
There is a garden in front of my house. There are many plants and trees in it. Flowers of different colours bloom in
spring season. Their fragrance spreads all around. In the evening, the garden is filled with men, women and children.
People walk about and enjoy themselves. Children run about in the garden. Now they are here and the next moment,
they are in the other corner of the garden. I also go to the garden for a walk daily in the evening. Many gardeners look
after the garden.
Paragraph 2
Such moments also come in the ups and downs of man’s life when he totally loses hope. He becomes a pessimist, and
the power of competition disappears. It is beneath man’s dignity. All the progress in the world is the result of the
determination and perseverance that Allah Almighty has granted to man. A man should never lose heart. Instead, he
should face his failures manly. One day, Allah Almighty will certainly bless him with success.
Paragraph 3
Once upon a time, a jackal lived on the bank of a river. There were many fields of melon on the other side of the river.
The river was very deep and wide. The jackal wanted to eat the melons to his fill. He could not cross the river. One day,
he said to his friend camel, “If you get me to the other bank of the river, I shall be very thankful to you.” The camel
agreed. The camel jumped up onto the back of the camel. Wading through the river, the camel reached the other bank.
The jackal entered the melon field and began to eat melons with great delight.
Paragraph 4
It is feared that the oil of the world will run out in a few years. Every country is trying to discover more reserves of oil. It
is not known how far this struggle will succeed. The need of the hour is that we should cut down our oil requirements.
The consumption of oil in industry and agriculture cannot be curtailed. However, personal needs can be curtailed. We
should import buses in place of cars so that the facility of buses may be improved for the students.
Paragraph 5
 
I read in 10
class. The school where I study is a famous one in the city. Four teachers teach my class. All of them are
very able but I like Mr. Zaid the most. He teaches us English and Mathematics. His method of teaching is so good that
we learn very soon whatever he teaches us. That is why, his class shows hundred percent result.
Paragraph 6
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Translation Urdu into English Class 10
Bismillah Educational Project of Pakistan by Muhammad Usman Khichi
There was a miser. Once, his purse was lost. There were one hundred rupees in the purse. He announced, “I shall give
ten rupees to the person who finds me my purse.” One day, a farmer came to him with his purse.
The miser searched out his purse. There were exact one hundred rupees in it. When the farmer demanded his reward,
the miser said, “There were one hundred and ten rupees in my purse. Now there are only one hundred. You have
already taken ten rupees.”
Paragraph 7
Anarkali is the busiest market (bazar) in Lahore. It always remains crowded with people. Shops remain open till late at
night. You can buy articles of almost all kinds from here. Some people come here to buy things but many people come
only for picnic and outing. There are also many hawkers in Anarkali. They sell buttons, laces, needles, clips and other
articles of this kind. Some pickpockets also come to Anarkali. Beware of those pickpockets if you visit Anarkali.
Paragraph 8
It is our moral duty to respect our parents. They take great care of us. The give us food. They give us clothes. They
provide us with all those things which we need. They send us to school so that we may serve them after getting
education. It will bring comfort to us.
Paragraph 9
Once, two friends set off on a journey. They promised to help each other in the time of distress. They reached a forest.
They saw a bear coming towards them. One of them ran and climbed up a tree. His friend could not climb up the tree.
He lay down and held his breath.
Paragraph 10
We lived in a village before we came to the city. We were very happy in the village. We got up early in the morning,
washed our hands and face and offered prayer. Then we went out for a walk in the green fields. We slept in the shade
of trees at noon. A stream flowed near the village. Its water was clean and cool.
Paragraph 11
Once, a crow was thirsty. He flew from one place to another but he could not find water anywhere. At last, he reached a
garden. He saw a pitcher of water there. He felt very happy. He looked into the pitcher. Water was so low that his beak
could not reach it. The crow was wise. He hit upon a plan.
Paragraph 12
More than two hundred and fifty years ago, there lived a boy in a small town of Germany. His name was George
Fredrick Handle. His father was a famous doctor. One day, the old doctor said to his son, “George, you will also earn
fame one day. You may either become a great doctor or a judge.” George replied, “I wish to become neit