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People Combs their Hairs as Bird Nest
The people of the earth are being changed time by time. Time is the only thing
that does not be return if it pasts. The people also making the regrets of the time which is
been passed as the past, because the people wants to change their thing, if they have done
anything wrong. Now days people wishes to be stylish and want to show the others by being
good people. Today’s people are becoming more stylish with their dressing style and other
things, the biggest change of the people, it happened with their hairs. If you will some of the
people, they have changed it so much that some of the people’s hair looks like the Bird Nest.
The generation of the today’s world is being faster, so they wish to change the
things faster than that. As we know the fashion world is the most famous for changing our
lives. It is like the Bird Nest. The fashion world brings newer and newer changes every day,
the people of the earth is also being changing every day. Some of the people are adopting the
make ups and dressing style from the films and some of the people are adopting their styles
from the famous actors and actresses. The actresses are most well known for changing the
world, the designers of those actresses gives them newer and newer look every day, some of
the people are adopting those ideas without knowing that how it will look on them?
Obviously it looks like Bird Nest without knowing the best dressing style and
hair styles. Some of the people do not understands that wishing to adopt the styles as early as
possible just because they wish to show the styles to the other people. Also today’s people
thinking has been changed, they are just doing the friendship with those people who wish to
live with their generation people otherwise those people who do not adopt the styles, they are
being alone. So all the same generation people are adopting those styles to be and to stay with
their generation people. So we would say that generation is the biggest reason for the people
who make them changed for their own people. If any person rejects to walk with the same
generation people, there are being automatically avoided from the generations. We just can
suggest that, you should be with your own generation people.

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