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History of Computers
The first counting device was used by the primitive people. They used sticks, stones and
bones as counting tools. As human mind and technology improved with time more
computing devices were developed. Some of the popular computing devices starting with
the first to recent ones are described below;
The history of computer begins with the birth of
abacus which is believed to be the first
computer. It is said that Chinese invented
Abacus around 4,000 years ago.
It was a wooden rack which has metal rods with
beads mounted on them. The beads were
moved by the abacus operator according to
some rules to perform arithmetic calculations.
Abacus is still used in some countries like China,
Russia and Japan.
Napier's Bones
It was a manually-operated calculating device
which was invented by John Napier (1550-
1617) of Merchiston. In this calculating tool, he
used 9 different ivory strips or bones marked
with numbers to multiply and divide. So, the
tool became known as "Napier's Bones. It was
also the first machine to use the decimal point.
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