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Question #1
Explain the responsibilities of teachers in Islamic perspective how can teachers help in improving
social values
Responsibilities of teachers in Islamic perspective
There are a lot of important responsibilities of teachers in Islamic perspective which are as under
Teach with sincerity
The main responsibility of teachers in Islamic perspective stage with sincerity and faithfulness they
should try to teach with full interest an honest objectives for the benefits of students they should try not
to waste the precious time of student and not to do any mistake contentially during the process of
teaching Their objectives should be valid and legal for student
Treat student with kindness
It is also the responsibility of teacher to treat the students with mercy and kindness they should not use
harsh words for bad language for students they should deal the student gently to increase their interest
in studies harsh behaviour keep the students away from study with interest
Avoid punish the students
Teacher should avoid to punish the students some students are more intelligent than others some are
too much tell a teacher should encourage dull students with love punishment makes a fear in students
with destroy the good mind intelligence of a child Islam claims stress on teaching with love and rejects
punishment which make the student fed up
Teach with fairness
It has been seldom observed that teachers are in favour of those students which are very close to the
teacher present gifts to them or take tuitions from them at home there is unfair attitude of a teacher we
discourage the students slam prefers are perfect and fair teaching in which all the students have equal
rights in the eye of teacher
A teacher should appreciate those students who are quick responding intelligent neat and clean or
having other good qualities teacher rewarding Or praising comment will encourage them to further
improve their quality and effect other student to copy and improve their selves like them good student
appreciation make the environment of class encouragable an attractive
Teach according to the teaching of holy Quran
Quran pak has explained how to teach others how to spread the knowledge and how implement the
objectives of knowledge
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Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) Was a perfect teacher he is a role model for all teachers so teacher should
adopt all the rules and methods of Prophet (SAW) As he followed the teaching of Quran so we should
follow the teaching of both Quran and sunnah
Teach with equity and equality
A teacher should teach with explanation so that students can understand what the teacher taught
teacher should give proper time to students he should not degrade or discriminate students all the
students should be equal in the vision of teacher he should give marks towards student honestly
B) Help of teacher in improving societal values
A teachers play vital role in improving the societal values the teacher have great impact on the ideas
thinking and opinion of students is all matter so he participate effectively in inspiring societal values of a
nation explanation is as under
Peaceful society
A teacher placed significance role in making a society peaceful a teacher improve the skills and qualities
of students to remain peaceful in classroom they teach them how to deal with issues calmly and with
patience they teach them how to deal with other students in class and in school and how to deal and
react with other people outside the school or in the society
Neat and clean society
As teacher gives advice an guidelines to keep the classroom and school need and clean the rules are also
mentioned by this cold soup provision for neat and clean students classroom and school these rules and
guidelines help a student to continue good habits anbe habitual Of keeping all the things need and clean
these habits affects the society the student grown up with good habits use their qualities in societies
and keep the society need and clean
Healthy environment
Students are trained by the teachers to make the environment healthy which is far away from bad
comducts students are aware of the importance of plantation the plant trees for healthy environment
and to prevent diseases
Good conduct
Teachers provide lifelong skills to students for having good conduct in school and in society bad conduct
is the root of many other evil deeds it destroyed the society bad conduct result revenge fighting an even
assassination so teacher make their students skillful in conducting good behaviour and dealing people
with patience
Make students role model for society
A teacher best performance in making a student intelligent skillful and habitable off good qualities
makes the student role model for society other people also tried to follow the quality of good students
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to be like them when society appreciate these students other people desire to adopt these quality which
improve the societal values
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