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Deluded by the Greens
(Moralist Approach)
Literary Analysis of ‘The Lottery Ticket’ by Anton Chekhov
'The 'Lottery Ticket' is one of Anton Chekhov's most well-known short stories. This story
is about Ivan Dmitritch and his wife who are fantasizing about how their lives would change if
they won the lottery. It is in this story that both characters express their dissatisfaction with their
current situation. In the end, both had to accept the bitter reality that they didn't win, as well as the
idea that this news had changed their perceptions of one another. Chekhov's straightforward
storytelling allows readers to look deeper into the symbolism presented by the lottery ticket and
raise issues concerning opportunities and the value of contentment. The themes of hope, aspiration,
selfishness, power, greed, control, freedom, and satisfaction are explored in Anton Chekhov's The
Lottery Ticket.
This is a story about a man's wife who believes she has won the lottery after her husband,
Ivan Dmitritch, reads her the correct series but not the correct number. She is thrilled after Ivan
reads her the series and can't believe she has just won the lottery. Ivan guarantees her that the
incorrect number is unimportant. Ivan and his wife begin to fantasize about the life they will lead
if they win the $75,000 lottery jackpot. Ivan begins to make suggestions about how she should
spend the money, such as on a new estate, immediate expenses, and putting the rest in the bank.
Ivan becomes upset and considers how his wife could abandon him, or effectively own him, by
forcing him to do what she says. Ivan, on the other hand, lets his imagination run wild, oblivious
to his wife's feelings. As a result, Ivan's marriage may not be a happy one in reality. Ivan only
considers himself when imagining what life would be like if his wife won the lottery. He seizes
complete command of the situation.
It is also important to realize how Chekhov has used the symbol of the lottery ticket to
convey important ideas about the characters. Apparently, this object continues to be an important
way to demonstrate opportunities provided to people. It means that people have many options for
improving their lives, and one of them is the desire to improve themselves. The best part with these
opportunities is that there may be times when they do not work in one's favor. In the case of Ivan
and his wife, learning that they were so close to winning the lottery was painful because it would
have been critical in assisting them in improving their lives. Instead, they had to accept their fate
and return to normal life. This is still a difficult reality to accept, especially for Ivan.
The main theme of Anton Chekhov's story 'The Lottery Ticket' is that money can corrupt
the soul. The prospect of a large lottery win causes Ivan and Masha to look at each other with
hatred and suspicion, each believing that the other's sudden windfall will negatively affect them.
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In Anton Chekhov's story The Lottery Ticket, we are taught a valuable life lesson about how the
simple thought of money can influence not only how you act, but your entire life. He accomplishes
this by mistaking or assuming that he will win the lottery. Greed dominates their lives. Ivan
imagines himself to be someone he isn't, with unrealistic dreams of owning a large estate over
which he has complete control.
Eventually, Chekhov's The Lottery Ticket' remains an important story in emphasizing
lessons about opportunities and contentment. People can understand the couple's struggle as they
nearly won the lottery because he tells his story in a straightforward manner. Many people, like
the two, have had experiences where there were numerous opportunities to improve their lives.
Even though these did not actually happen, there are still valuable lessons to be learned from this
experience that should be used for personal growth and improvement. When faced with a fortunate
circumstance, it is human nature for us to become self-centered.

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