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We Should Learn From Bird Nest
The people of the today are become too busy in their work that they do not
have even think to meet to another people. The people are becoming busier in their work that
they do not have even time to see the nature. The nature which gives us one of the reasons to
live in the earth, the nature helps us to make our family happier. Some of the people are too
busy that all the day they are working in the office and they come back in the car at evening.
Birds are wonderful example, they works together and also stays together in their Bird Nest.
Some of those nests are made combine, those nests are may be made for their neighbors and
The people should learn from those birds, which they are staying together and
they are also helping to the each other, so we can also stay together and also can help to each
other. Some of the people are become too busy that they do not like to talk with another
person; they just wish to earn more and more money every day. Some of the people are also
staying to the hotel as they are becoming too busy in meetings and all. We should learn from
the birds, because they teach us to stay together and also help the other people together. If we
see the Bird Nest for while, you will understand that, how brilliant those little brains are?
Some of the birds made with the other thousands of the birds.
The people should learn from the birds, how to stay together. As the birds can
face any of the problems by staying together, the people also can face any of the problems by
staying together and helping to each other. The people should have manners to help the other
people in their problems. The Bird Nest also teaches us that people should not stay in their
houses by being relaxed, they should make the efforts to catch the success in any of the work
they wish to do. Some of the people are just staying to the houses all the day, and they don’t
do any of the work. Those people should learn something from the birds. So we would
suggest you that by understanding the nest of the birds, people can learn a lot, the people can
help each other by learning from birds.

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