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Aggression article:
For the purpose of this response: Do not use any other resources outside of these articles.
Other research might claim something different and if you base your answer on other
research, your answer will not be considered valid.
1) Based on the huffpost article, what is your understanding about resilience from a nature
vs nurture perspective? Use information from the articles to support your answer (if you
include any technical terms from the article like brain regions, twin studies etc. make sure
you explain these terms). [5]
2) The HuffPost article talks about heritability. What do you understand by the term
heritability and what do you understand by the statement:
In addition, studies of identical twins, where one twin has been exposed to a traumatic stressor
such as combat but the other twin has not, have estimated an overall heritability of posttraumatic
stress disorder ranging from 32-38%.
3) The warrior gene has been associated with both resilience and aggression. Based on your
understanding of the two articles, compare and contrast the arguments presented by both
articles on the role of this gene. State strengths and weaknesses of these arguments i.e.
what makes these findings reliable and what might be things that would make you
question these findings? [6]
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