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Hands-on Exercise No. 3
Batch-09 Digital Marketing
Due Date: 01/03/2021
Submitted: 28/03/2021
Email ID:
Enrolled in Batch 09: Digital Marketing, SEO
1. Create an account on
2. Create a minimum of 1 blog Post.
3. Create at least 2 Pages in the blog.
4. Add Contempo Pink theme to your blog.
5. Add tabs of your Pages to the top bar of Homepage
Creative Youth Club (CYC) offers young people a safe space in their local community
for getting together to meetup with their peers and create awareness regarding
emerging issues such as Mental health, specifically in youth. The Club Manager has
hired you to create a Blogging Account and post content related to the recent
pandemic situation and mental health issues in youth. You are supposed to create a
blogger account and maintain it accordingly, considering the given tasks.
1. Create an account on
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