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English for Academic and Professional Purposes
Summative Assessment
Test I. Write True is the statement is true and False if it is wrong.
____________1. Prewriting can be done collaboratively except the process of drafting.
____________2. Writing process does not offer the practical methods for applying it in the class.
____________3. In pre-writing process, it is vital to plan to have an organize paper.
____________5. Writing is an authentic and lifelong process
____________6. Success in writing is greatly depends on your, goal, purpose and engagement.
____________7. Writing does not require to use graphic organizer to connect ideas.
____________8. Revising can also be done before the writing process.
____________9. Drafting is when you hand it down your work to your reader.
____________10. Editing is referring to a larger part of the written text that needs an
Test II. Multiple choice. Write the correct answer
11. This is the part where you draft your work.
a. Pre-Writing Process b. post-Writing c. Writing Process
12. This is where the brainstorming happens
a. Pre-Writing Process b. post-Writing c. Writing Process
13. Are there readers who need to hear what I have to say?
a. Authority b. Focus c. Subject
14. Are there clear, appropriate limits to the draft that include what needs to be included and
exclude what is unnecessary?
a. Authority b. Focus c. Subject
15. Is the reader’s hunger for specific information satisfied?
a. Structure b. Documentation c. Reader
Test III. Answer the following question
1. What do you think is the best way to improve writing skills?
2. What do you think the relevance of listening music to writing an essay?
3. According to Murray “What makes [her] happy is rewriting. It’s like cleaning house
getting rid of all the junk, getting things in the right order, tightening up” Expand your
thoughts about this.
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Summative Assessment in English 7 & AP 7
General rule in English: Use English language as a medium of instruction in conducting your
conference by using the set of pair words that listed below. Use the words carefully in applying
the proper “Stress and Intonation” to have a formal speech.
1. Address as Noun- name of residence 7. Object as Noun- a thing or an object
2. Address as Verb to rise a concern 8. Object as verb- to disagree/ to oppose
3. Conduct as Noun- Right conduct 9. Record as Noun- written documents
4. Conduct as Verb- to get/to happen 10. Record as Verb- To record the meeting/event
5. Project as Noun- an output
6. Project as Noun- To act a projection can also use symbolism
Ikalawang Buwanang Pagsusulit sa AP 7 at English 7
Sitwasyon: Ikaw ay volunteer ng isang samahan na ang pangunahing layunin ay ang pagtalakay
sa mga tungkulin ng tao sa pangangalaga sa kalikasan. Naimbitahan kang ilahad ang iyong
adbokasiya sa isang pangdaigdigang pagpupulong na may temang Kalikasan at Yamang Tao:
Susi tungo sa Maunlad na Pamumuhay. Bago ka tumungo sa nagsabing komperensiya ay
sinabihan ka ng mga opisyal na dumalo sa pagpupulong upang maipakita ang iyong video
Take note: Ang gagamiting wika sa paggawa ng iyong talumpati ay English.
Interdisciplinary subjects: AP 7, English 7
Narito ang rubric sa pagmamarka:
Komprehensibo at wasto ang lahat ng datos na inalagay
sa video presentation. Gumamit ng higit sa limang
sanggunian upang maging makatuwiran ang mga
impormasyon binanggit.
Naipakita sa video presentation ang kaugnayan ng
kapaligiran at tao sa pag-unlad ng bansa at pagpapabuti
ng kalidad ng pamumuhay.
Organisado at maayos ang paglalahad ng mga kaisipan
sa video presentation. Madaling maunawaan ang daloy
at may inilahad na kongklusyon sa huling bahagi nito.
Gumamit ng mga sound at visual effects na angkop sa
paksa. Nakatulong ito upang maging kaaya-aya at mas
madaling maunawaan ang isinusulong na ideya.
Ang mga salita, larawan, at effects na ginamit ay
angkop sa manonood ng presentasyon. Tugma rin ang
mga ginamit na effects sa tema ng video presentation.
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Summative Assessment in English 8 & AP 8
General rule in English: Use English language as a medium of instruction in making your
PROJECT PROPOSAL implying our lesson “Shifts on Point of View” to make your proposal
formal and cohesive.
Ikalawang Buwanang Pagsusulit sa AP 8 at English 8
Magsaliksik tungkol sa kinahaharap na mga suliranin ng mga pamana ng mga sinaunang
kabihasnan at imperyo sa Asya, Africa, at America. Gumawa ng PROJECT PROPOSAL
tungkol sa kung paano mapangangalagaan ang mga pamana ng mga kabihasnan at imperyo sa
mga nabanggit na kontinente. Isaalang-alang ang sumusunod na pamantayan sa pagmamarka ng
project proposal.
Take note: Ang gagamiting wika sa pagsulat ng inyong Project Proposal ay English.
Interdisciplinary subjects: AP 8, English 8
Narito ang mga pangkat sa paggawa ng Project Proposal:
First Group
Second Group
Alex Carilyle R.
Aaron Aguilar
Mark Joseph P. Laxa
Brian P. Velasquez
Angel Atrero
Antonia B. Fulla
Dhazley Irish Anne A.
Aaron H. Bantuyao
Sean Gabriel G. Saenz
Frenchess Jollah B.
Princess T. Cura
Francesca Cheynne B.
Narito ang rubric sa pagmamarka ng Project Proposal:
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Naglalaman ang proposal ng balangkas ng
proyekto. Angkop ang proyekto sa layunin ng
Malinaw na nailahad ang proyekto sa klase.
ng proyekto
Makatotohanan at maaaring maisakatuparan ang
mungkahing proyekto. Isinaalang-alang ang mga
salik sa pagtatagumpay ng proyekto.
Wasto ang pagkakagamit ng gramatika ng mga
pangungusap at ang pagkakapahayag ng pananaw
(viewpoint) ng solusyon sa suliranin.
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English for Academic and Professional Purposes
Monthly Assessment
Test I. In each sentence, underline the subject. Then cross out the incorrect verb form.
1. Some of the teachers (speak/speaks) my language.
2. Each of the gifts (was/were) carefully wrapped in gold paper.
3. One of the words on the test (was/were) misspelled.
4. A lot of my classes (was/were) canceled last week.
5. A lot of my time (is/are) spent in the library.
6. In my country most of the people (want to go/wants to go) to college.
7. (Do/Does) anyone know the correct time?
8. There (is/are) several kinds of flowers in the bouquet.
9. There ( wasn't/weren't) any electricity in our building last night.
10. The noise from the firecrackers (was/were) loud.
11-20 Test II. Proofreading: cross out the incorrect verb and write/list the correct verb form
below it.
The Columbia Icefield
The Rocky Mountains, on the border of the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, have
many attractions for tourists. One attraction are the Columbia Icefield. This huge field of
ancient ice cover 125 square kilometers. The Athabasca, Starfield and Dome glaciers makes up
the icefield. As the ice melts, the water flow into four major river systems. These systems are
the Columbia, Fraser, Mackenzie and Saskatchewan. The meltwater flow down these rivers into
three different oceans, the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic. This high point in a continent’s water
system is called a “hydrological apex”, and the Columbia Icefield is one of only two such apexes
in the world. Tourists visit the icefield from April to October each year. Walking tours and snow
coach tours is available. Many people goes to the icefield because it is the biggest area of ice and
snow in North America south of the Arctic Circle.
Test III. Read and evaluate critically the following statement by expressing your thoughts.
1. You are an advocate of anti-corrupt officials, Should we criminalize officials who are not
fulfilling their duties? Give your stand about this topic.
2. In your perspectives, how did different value, beliefs and norms effect the definition of
social problem?
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Monthly Assessment in English 7
Test I. Circle the correct answer
1. The word_________ is derived from the Latin term literary which means letter.
a. Poetry c. Literature
b. Prose d. Short story
2. Filipinos managed to preserved laws, legends, songs and epics by inscribing them on
a. Stone c. leaves of trees
b. Barks of the trees d. Wall
3. A form of lyric poem which expresses the people’s hope, aspirations, and lifestyle
a. Epic c. Legend
b. Poetry d. Folk songs
4. It explain how the world created how animals possess certain characteristic, why some
places have mountains and volcanoes etc.
a. Epic c. Ballad
b. Legend and Myth d. Prose and poetry
5. Among the given what is the presence of different deities.
a. Bathala c. Mankukulam
b. Aswang d. Tikbalang
Test II. Transform the following indirect to direct speech
6. He said that he went to school every day.
7. I told them that I was tired.
8. They ordered us to leave at once.
9. She says that she is a little bit nervous.
10. They said that they took a walk every day
Test III. Construct 10 sentence with the use of sensory detail
Test IV. Essay
1. To what extent are ancient works of literature valuable records of past of a country and its
2. How is the use of sensory details in a written text useful to a reader?
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Monthly Assessment in English 8
Test I. Underline the given collocation/ idiomatic expression in the sentence.
1. I gave my best to be friendly with her, but she is simply a hard nut to crack.
2. Children are all ears when the teacher tells them fairytales.
3. We're making progress on the project at work.
4. Some people don't take enough risks in life.
5. He does not need this job as much as I do; he is born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
6. You have to earn your own bread and butter.
7. Make sure to come prepared for the test tomorrow.
8. Please feel free to take a seat and enjoy the show.
9. Once you get a job, you'll know what hard-earned money really is
10. I know how much you wanted to make it to the finals. I'm sorry to say this; You were
close, but no cigar
Test II. Apply the rules by correcting the faulty parallelism.
11. I would rather eat potatoes than to eat rice.
12. Global warming affects humans, the environment, and is scary.
13. It's harder to do long division than dividing with a calculator.
14. Pirates ransacked the mansion, but they didn’t steal all the silver.
15. Merchants receive either money or trade goods with their clients.
16. Mary likes hiking, swimming, and to ride a bicycle.
17. The films were enjoyable both to watch and for discussing.
18. The students were unprepared, poorly behaved, and disrupted the class.
19. The dictionary can be used to find these: word meanings, pronunciations, correct
spellings, and looking up irregular verbs.
20. The coach told the players that they should get a lot of sleep, that they should not eat too
much, and to do some warm-up exercises before the game.
Test III. Construct a sentence using the given Imagery below.
21. Green in the dry field
22. Smooth edges
23. Hearts pounding
24. Scent
25. Flying
26. Savory
27. Leaves scattered
28. Smoke
29. Sparks of flame
30. Soft touch of cotton.
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Monthly Assessment in TLE 7
Test I. Identify the following definition of sewing tools.
The craft of making clothes or dress is otherwise known as 1. ___________.
____________2. specializes for women including dress and blouses, suits, evening wear,
wedding and bridesmaids’ gown and sportswear.
The word “tailor” comes from a French word -“TAILLER”- meaning 3. _________
____________4. Is used for taking body measurements and for drafting patterns, altering and
laying out the pattern on fabric.
____________5. It measures 150 centimeters in the front side and 60 inches on the other side.
____________6. used as a guide for measuring and marking hemlines.
____________7. It is called Tailor square, which is one of the most basic of the pattern making.
____________8. Defined as heavy duty scissors.
____________9. are cutting implements- tools for cutting. These are instruments that serve well
if properly maintained.
___________10. is to transfer all the little notations that appear on your pattern, the ones that tell
you where to cut, fold, sew, or place adjoining pieces.
Test II. True of False
________11. Embroidery Machine is used in making fancy stitch.
________12. Button attachment machine is a must to every dressmaker and tailor.
________13. Lockstitch machine joins pieces of fabric together and this machine is heavy duty.
________14. Bar tacking machine is used to increase length in pocket openings and button holes.
________15. Hi-speed lockstitch sewing machine is used in construction of the different kinds of
clothing especially for the inseam, out seam and side seam.
Test III. Analyze the following jumbled word to answer the following numbers:
16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
inlums yespolter pecer tevlet nnealfl
Test III. Essay
How the sewing machine helpful to the dressmaker/tailor?
What to do think the importance of taking care of our plants and animals in producing fabrics?
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