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- The first “Laro ng Lahi” was held on February 10, 1984 in Laoag, Ilocos Norte. It
featured Filipino native games with other sports events. Playing Filipino games is not
only fun but also challenging and rewarding.
There are some of the Filipino games that we love to play.
PATINTERO This is a POPULAR GAME in the Philippines. This is a children’s game
usually played on vacant lots and empty streets. It involves a grid drawn on the ground where
one team tries to pass through while the opposing team tries to catch the former without leaving
the grid or lines at all times.
TUMBANG PRESO this is a very common game among the youths all over the country. It is
played in backyards, parks, or even on the streets. You need slippers, a can and a chalk.
Everyone does the hitting on the starting line.
LUKSONG-TINIK (JUMPING OVER THORNS)- the players decide who among them will
play first and who will be the two players act as the thorns in the game. Thorns are important.
The jumpers take turns, passing the levels.
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