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Xen is a hypervisor that runs directly on the system hardware. Xen inserts a
virtualization layer between the system hardware and the virtual machines,
turning the system hardware into a pool of logical computing resources
that Xen can dynamically allocate to any guest operating system.
Xen is an open source hypervisor program developed by Cambridge University.
Xen is a microkernel hypervisor, which separates the policy from the mechanism.
The Xen hypervisor implements all the mechanisms, leaving the policy to be handled by Domain
0, as shown in figure does not include any device drivers natively.It just provides a mechanism
by which a guest OScan have direct access to the physical devices. As a result, the size of the Xen
hypervisor is keptrather small.
Xen provides a virtual environment located between the hardware and the OS.
A number of vendors are in the process of developing commercial Xen hypervisors, among the
mare Citrix XenServer and Oracle VM.
The core components of a Xen system are the hypervisor, kernel, and applications.
The organization of the three components is important.
Like other virtualization systems, many guest OSescan run on top of the hypervisor.
The guest OS, which has control ability, is called Domain 0, and the others are called Domain U.
Domain 0 is a privileged guest OS of Xen.
It is first loaded when Xen boots without any file system drivers being available. Domain 0 is
designed to access hardware directly and manage devices. Therefore, one of the responsibilities
of Domain 0 is to allocate and map hardware resources for the guest domains (the Domain U
For example, Xen is based on Linux and its security level is C2. Its management VM is named
Domain 0, which has the privilege to manage other VMs implemented on the same host.

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