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Running head; Comparison of permafrost between Rondane and Finnmarksvidda
Comparison of permafrost between Rondane and Finnmarksvidda
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Comparison of permafrost between Rondane and Finnmarksvidda 2
Comparison of permafrost between Rondane and Finnmarksvidda
Any ground with temperatures below -32
F for a period of over two years straight is referred to
as permafrost. This regions are very common on high mountains and at the earth’s poles. This
regions covers the most of earth’s surface after water bodies. Approximately, a quarter of
Northern Hemisphere is occupied by permafrost on the beds. However, even though permafrost
is frozen it is not always snowing. Permafrost is formed from rocks, sand and soil held intact by
ice. At the surface, the soil has enormous amounts of organic carbon as a result of dead plants
and animals. Beneath permafrost layers is commonly soil rich in different minerals. The top most
layer does not always froze throughout the year. Around summer, this layer thaws and freezes
during the fall. This layer is called, active layer.
In Rondane Mountain exist in soils and bedrocks. Its thickness vary from several decimeters and
can go down to even hundred meters. The extent of permafrost varies with climate.
Approximately, 25% of the land around this mountain is influenced by permafrost, halfway, is
occupied by continuous permafrost and nearly 18% is discontinuous permafrost. Rondane
experiences both continued permafrost and alpine permafrost. This is due to elevations with
small but enough temperatures to hold annual frozen lands.
In Finnmarksvidda beneath the thawing layer, the temperatures decreases with depth. The deeper
depth is formed when geothermal heat remains above freezing temperature. The underlying layer
occurs permafrost with a continued yearly temperature. This type of permafrost that occurs in
Finnmarksvidda is called isothermal permafrost. Since the temperatures underground depend less
on season change, than the temperature of the air considering the average annual mean
temperatures that significantly tries to increase with the depth due to geothermal crustal grade.
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Comparison of permafrost between Rondane and Finnmarksvidda 3
Therefore if the annual temperatures is just slightly below 0
permafrost forms on sheltered
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Comparison of permafrost between Rondane and Finnmarksvidda 4
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