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Australia’s parliament is based on a Westminster parliamentary system. This means that parliament
consists of an upper house, a lower house and a monarch.
Lower House: House of Representatives
Quick Facts:
Use the internet and the diagram opposite to
complete the questions below:
Name of current Prime Minister and his political
party: Scott morrison, liberal
Name of parties who have formed the current
government: Labour, nationals
Number of seats in the HoR currently held by the
Coalition government: 77
Name of Party in Opposition and their leader: Labour, Anthony albanese
Number of seats in the HoR currently held by the Opposition: 68
Use the PEO Handout ‘Forming Government on SPACE and Chapter 15.3 of your textbooks to answer
the below questions.
1. What are the two main roles of the House of Representatives?
Government is formed, introduce laws
2. Define the term ‘Coalition’ and write a sentence linking this term to the current government.
Political parties forming a government, which is through the house of representatives.
Which is the liberal sand the nationals
3. How is government formed in Australia?
People vote for electorates who then work together to run government. (the party with the
most elected)
4. What are some of the main responsibilities of the government?
National policy (trade, environment, immigration, foreign affairs), new/changed laws,
making important decisions, representing Australia.
5. How is the Prime Minister appointed?
The leader of the party that has the most seats in the house of reps.
6. Define the term “cabinet”. Use examples to explain how MPs are selected to be part of
The committee of senior ministers responsible for controlling government policy. The prime
minister selects the MP’s to be part of the cabinet.
7. Who is the current Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia? Why are they
from two different political parties?
The current prime minister is scott morrison and the deputy prime minister is Michael
mckormac. They are from two different political parties because they need to keep each
other accountable so that not one party has all the power.
8. Define the term “opposition”.
One or more political parties that are opposed to the government.
9. What does the principle of responsible government mean?
A system of government that embodies the principle of parliamentary accountability.
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