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Essay Writing Notes
The Fourth Step in Essay Writing
This will show you how to
• revise so that your sentences flow smoothly and clearly
• edit so that your sentences are error free
This chapter focuses on the fourth goal of writing effectively: sentence skills. You'll learn how to
revise an essay so that your sentences flow smoothly and clearly. Then you'll review how to edit
a paper for mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
These strategies will help you to revise your sentences effectively:
• Use parallelism.
• Use a consistent point of view.
• Use specific words.
• Use active verbs.
• Use concise words.
• Vary your sentences.
i. Use Parallelism
Words in a pair or a series should have parallel structure. By balancing the items in a pair or a
series so that they have the same kind of structure, you will make the sentence clearer and
easier to read. Notice how the parallel sentences that follow read more smoothly than the
nonparallel ones.
Note: When items in a sentence are combined with coordinating conjunctions (and, or, nor,
so, but, yet), they should use the same grammatical form.
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