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COMM 3201
Library Assignment
Due: Sunday of Week 6 by 11:59 pm est
late assignments will not be accepted
Weight: in-process
Student Name: Kavangun Kaur
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Download this document, fill out the necessary sections of the title page, and then answer the
following questions. Submit your completed assignment to the assignment folder “Library
Assignment” in DC Connect.
1. What is the url of the Durham College library website?
2. Search the term “Artificial Intelligence” on the library’s website and write down how
many hits you receive.
4,394 results
3. Write out the steps needed to get the Reference page citation information for a
reference (you will need to do a little digging around for this). Hint: Show actions
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step1: Choose your citation style
Step2: Create In-text citations
Step3: Determine the kind of source
Step4: study style’s rules for reference citations
Step5: identify citation elements
4. Why do you need to properly cite your work? Give three reasons.
The three reasons we should cite our work are:
to avoid plagiarism
tells our reader where we found our information.
give credit to the people whose ideas we are using.
5. List three library resources you can use while studying remotely.
Librarian Consultants: email
eBooks and streaming videos
Research guides

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