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Part 1
Dr. Noviski, MGHfC's Chief of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, talks about the benefits of
telemedicine in critical care pediatrics. Many hospitals, he claims, do not get enough pediatric critical
care cases in a year to justify the expenditures (Gogan & Garfield, n.d.). Other hospital departments,
rather than critical care pediatrics, may benefit more from the usage of telemedicine services. This
number alone supports the necessity for telemedicine services for these patients, since strokes are one
of the main causes of mortality each year. Dr. Ricardo, another doctor highlighted in the piece, tells
how she was able to save a child's life because to telemedicine services. This kind of scenario
demonstrates the importance of telemedicine in pediatric departments.
Before providing any information to the staff at Falmouth Hospital, Farrell should consider
long and hard. To better understand whether critical care pediatrics is a viable candidate for a service
like Telestroke, researchers should look at pertinent statistics. It's unclear if Falmouth Hospital will
invest in this service. This isn't a dispute about whether one life is more precious than another; rather,
it's about looking at the broad picture and realizing that investing in some services rather than others
will assist more people and perhaps save more lives.
Part 2
'American Well' was formed in 2006 with the goal of revolutionizing the health-care business
and changing how people connect with doctors and physicians for consultations and check-ups. The
concept was to employ a technology platform to transform the whole process of consulting/seeing a
doctor utilizing the internet and telephonic services in real time. Previously, if a patient required
medical attention, they had two options: travel to an emergency department or schedule an
appointment and physically visit the doctor's office, which was both time consuming and costly. As a
result, both physicians' and doctors' physical locations and time availability were a barrier. The
utilization of American Well's platform helped to break through these obstacles. It created an
environment in which numerous doctors would enlist, and then any patient could log on to this
platform after signing up and providing his medical information and payment card information, and
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contact any accessible physician in real time by phone or the internet while at home. The system
would handle the charging procedure after the session ended (which would generally take 10
minutes). As a result, without setting any appointments, a patient-physician encounter may occur at
any time or location.
Patients benefit from American Well's emphasis on immediacy, convenience, quality
of service, variety, and cost, as well as the opportunity to address medical issues sooner since
they may be referred to a specialist and visit with one in a matter of minutes. Americans who
lived in distant areas had to travel long distances for medical care, and physicians could not
be found everywhere. These individuals might get medical care at any time and in any
location thanks to American Well's platform. They took away the aspect of shame and gave
them a new sense of solitude. Patients were given access to a huge pool of doctors as well as
a platform to seek a second opinion as soon as they were given a diagnosis. Before and after
engaging with a physician, they supplied a customized platform where patients could manage
their medical information, self-management tools, and a record of their treatment.
The American Well system gave physicians a new amount of freedom. This may
make it easier for young physicians to work a nighttime shift. Doctors may make additional
money by working on their days off, from home, or from anyplace. This may even encourage
retired physicians to return to practice. Doctors/physicians who have signed up for the system
may access it at any time and conduct a session. It also assisted the physicians in reducing
their workload.
Part 3
Other market potential that American Well may investigate include asking hospitals
to put online kiosk machines in their emergency rooms, allowing patients to consult doctors
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online while they wait and the information being transmitted on to the hospital physician.
They can be more efficient and spend less time with the hospital kiosk devices. Online care
kiosk devices may be installed by retail chains. Nurses were present as clinical personnel at
retail clinics, and an online care kiosk machine may increase consumers' trust in the
authenticity of retail clinics. They may be utilized when nurses are unavailable or when a
patient need a second opinion. One of American Well's prospective customers might be
pharmacy chains. Patients are reluctant to inquire or neglect to ask inquiries about possible
side effects, prescription combinations, and medication use. Patients may ask these questions
at any time and location if pharmacies are included to the American Well platform.
Part 4
Some of the digital and organizational tools that the TeleStroke Hubs (MGH and the
Brigham) required to acquire in order to build and alter in order to deliver TeleStroke
consulting services in real time. Included a two-way, high-resolution video teleconferencing
system to help reduce inequities by offering safe, efficient, and cost-effective treatment to
underprivileged populations in the US and throughout the globe. In terms of organizational
resources, MGH and Brigham must overcome several obstacles, one is that they must define
the types of specialties suitable for telemedicine practice, address state licensing and liability
laws, develop acceptable policies relating to the privacy and confidentiality of information
exchanged via telemedicine, as well as streamlining the process of requesting and providing
quality telemedicine consultations. Also direct provider involvement in disease-specific
telemedicine systems will also boost acceptance and adoption.
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