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The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly hit the economic world. Many governments have taken
responsibility for small businesses by helping them in carrying out their operations. The
government of Canada was not left behind has it facilitated a lot in the support of businesses at
that time. The government came in to help in paying employees’ wages and salaries. The
government by doing this helped in reducing the production cost of companies. New job
positions were created out of the support the government gave the businesses. Loans with low-
interest rates were very important because they helped entrepreneurs acquire money to expand
the business and also run operations in the business as the business was low and fewer sales were
made at that time. When the government supports the businesses, there are several benefits that it
acquire from doing it because the economy of the government grows. The government has
helped a lot in supporting the business industry because by doing so, employees can have secure
jobs hence being able to support their needs.

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