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Discussion: Issue Logs and Change Management 1
Discussion: Issue Logs and Change Management
Institutional Affiliation
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Discussion: Issue Logs and Change Management 2
British Airways employed a new chairperson in their company that would
bring change because the company was experiencing a lot of losses through wastage of
resources. The strategy of the chairman which was meant to reduce the spending through
wasting of resources came through because he took the lead and acted as a leader through
restructuring the business by a change management plan. A plan that changes the outlook
of a firm also changes how the world looks at the business which surely contributed to
the success. More so, the cutting of unnecessary spending on employees and routes
helped reduce spending and the money was put to improvement of the infrastructures
California State University is the other entity that has benefited from
change management. The automated change management system played a key role in the
change, but the change was only inevitable because it catered for all the factors that
would have affected the entire system. This came by through initiating personalized
changes for different people who were to use the system. More precisely, there was clear
definition of the roles of change which eliminated any misleading issues by the users of
the system. Therefore, the change was successful because the management chose to first
understand the system before deciding which things to change and how to approach the
people that will be using the system.
Change management for A Hometown Church was successful on institution of a
change management plan because it decided to include the main stakeholders or funders of the
project actively in its important things like supervision and decision making. Inclusion of people
in decision making is what led to the success of the project since it inspired transparency.
Therefore, the change management success in this entity was mainly focused at perspective
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Discussion: Issue Logs and Change Management 3
changing and pulling of everyone’s attention towards the goal of the project. With that, cohesion
and cooperation were successfully earned.
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Discussion: Issue Logs and Change Management 4
“Three Examples of Successful Change Management Practices” article.

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