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Economics 1
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Current Event Economics.
The U.S. government suspends avocado imports from Mexico” is an article is from the New
York Times website that claims that earlier that week, the United States government resolved to,
for the time being, block all avocado imports from Mexico. It results from an expressed threat
directed to safety assessors operating in the country. The government stated that the layoff would
remain intact for the time being to guarantee that proper measures would be put in place to guard
the well-being of the inspectors operating in Mexico. . ("U.S. Suspends Avocado Shipments
From Mexican State After Threat")
The government blamed Mexico gangs for restricting avocado production and freight to
drive prices. The ban comes in the course of the avocado's most significant event, the Super
Bowl. The ban is justified since it affects U.S. citizens directly. A threat was made to the people
involved in the process of importing avocados, and from past intel about the Mexico gangs, the
threat should be taken seriously. (News)
However, the U.S. government could have found a better solution to this problem
because the ban will also affect its citizens. The ban will distinctly reduce accessibility and
further escalate prices. ("U.S. Halts Avocado Imports From Mexico After Threat To American
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Economics 2
The strength of this article is that it contains the detailed process taken by the government
to remedy the solution. However, there lacks enough information as to what the threat was that
warranted the ban. The article is not biased as the U.S. government took actions that were
necessary to ensure its citizens' safety. ("U.S. Suspends Avocado Shipments From Mexican State
After Threat")
The move is a setback to Mexico, accounting for more than 80% of avocados consumed
in the U.S. Mexico exports $3 billion worth of green fruit; this is expected to fall rapidly due to
the ban. Prices of the fruit in the U.S., currently at $1.50, are set to increase due to shortage.
("NPR Cookie Consent And Choices")
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Economics 3
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"U.S. Temporarily Bans Avocados From Mexico, Citing Threat". Nytimes.Com, 2022,

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