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Style and Characterization
What economic/social class does Nick belong to? Explain
Nick is in the middle class; based on the paragraph, the family of Nick could afford to live a
good life compared to the others. His wealth establishes him in a wealthy upbringing, and he
is comfortable with the status.
What made Gatsby “better “and more interesting than the other wealthy people Nick had met
the previous summer? Explain in your words? Despite being wealthy than others, Gatsby is
pure at heart. Nick was disgusted by other wealthy individuals, and he felt that they weren’t
worth the headache since they were brought Gatsby with their selfishness, but Gatsby knows
how to handle all this making him better than them at large. Gatsby, unlike others, is also an
individual who shapes his life, and he believes in his dream despite the challenges.
The foul dust represents his true dream that was never met when it came to winning the love
of Daisy. In this passage, preyed on Gatsby also means that something was stalking Gatsby's
mind, which is why he did not attain his set goals. It is something from the past that kept on
haunting Gatsby.
On this page, Tom is restless and has been roaming in the room due to his doubts about Nick,
but he finally asks Nick to explain who is he with and what he is doing. This presents Tom as
an ignorant individual, especially when he does not understand the meaning of a bondman.
what are you doing, Nick.
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“I`m a bondman.
I told him
“Never heard of them, “he remarked decisively. Pg. 7
We first meet Daisy in the first chapter when she invites Nick Carraway to her home for
dinner. During this time, Nick is introduced to Jordan Baker, and Tom takes a call from his
mistress Myrtle. In this chapter, Daisy is presented as innocent, intelligent and sweet at the
sometimes an emotional warmth flowed from her”. Daisy turns out to be Nick`s lover, and
the first words she says to Nick are Why always candles
Daisy responds to Tom when he says he hates the word hulking, and Daisy insists on
“Hulking” The other word Daisy says is “Tom is getting very profound.
Gatsby name comes up in the conversation with Miss Baker when Nick says he lives in West
Egg, and she asks if they know Gatsby.
Daisy, on this page, is first described as a friendly person in the sense that they interact with
Miss Baker. She is also intelligent when Tom states that Daisy was making him appear
uncivilized and insists that they discuss something else “You make me feel uncivilized
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Daisy also loves the way she talks to Nick and his singing and glowing, I love to see you at
my table, Nick. You remind me of a rose, an absolute rose. Doesn’t he? She turns to Miss
Baker for confirmation: An absolute rose?”
Figurative Language
East and West Egg
This refers to the places with inherited or old money live. The people had acquired wealth
through their family; hence they did not have to work for wealth the East Egg. On the other
hand, the West Egg were the individuals who had not inherited anything and had to work
hard for a living.
The Valley of Ashes
This symbolizes the moral and social decay that has emerged through the uninhibited rich.
This is because wealthy individuals focus on their pleasure. It is occupied by the lower-class
individual, the East Egg; hence, this is all about poverty and hopelessness.
The Eyes of Dr T.J. Eckleburg
They are the pair of fading eyes painted on the advertising billboards located on the valley of
ashes. The eyes represent the important meaningless of the world and the mental process that
individuals invest in the meaning of the objects.
Mrs Wilson`s Airedale dog
It is a symbol of their morality and fidelity.
Motive Development in Chapter 3
Gatsby alone at his party” (pg. 50-55)
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1This represents the introverted character of Gatsby, who likes spending time alone without
the interference of anyone. He is a loner and does not like company.
“Nick alone in New York” pg. 55-77
Nick is an individual who likes being alone. Just like Gatsby, he doesn’t like socializing. The
motif is to be out the character of Nick.
“Married couples cheating on each other at Gatsby pg. 51
This brings out the infidelity nature of individuals in the book; for instance, Gatsby commits
adultery with Wilson.
“Jordan Baker “cheating” pg. 57; brings out the theme of adultery
“in the library” pg.45-67 The motif is to reveal the life of Gatsby, someone who has created
an image of the facts about himself. The book is just Gatsby himself but does not mean he
was reading books
“In the car,” pg .53- 4 reflects the wealthy lifestyle of Gatsby.
A) What bonds Nick and Gatsby when they initially meet? Characterize Gatsby
When Nick first sees Gatsby, he is standing on his lawn while he is standing on his
lawn long across the water near Daisy's house. The bond between them is that they
were all in the 3rd division in France during the war. They are also wealthy, and they
relate well compared to the other wealthy people that Nick has known. In this case,
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Gatsby can be characterized as a relaxed and calm person who does not show off
despite the kind of wealth he owns.
B) Describe an example of superficiality from chapter 3
It is a concept that ruins true love, for instance, when Gatsby tries to force Daisy to
love him because he is rich and spends a lot on her.
C) Respond to Nick`s claims that Jordan is “incurably dishonest” and that he is
“one of the few honest people I have ever known”.
The statement is true given that Jordan cheated on her in the first golf tournament,
Nick still loves her despite the dishonesty. Also, Jordan continuously tells lies to
Nick, taking advantage of others to satisfy her desires and soothing her insecurities.
For instance, she ruined another person's car. She still lied about it and didn’t care.
Chapter 4; Gatsby Story
A. What is Gatsby`s story (pg.65-67)? How much does Nick believe? Gatsby states that
he was an individual who was caring and always impressed individuals around him.
He is also an individual who is ready to work with people around him “well, I’m
going to tell you something about my life, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea of
me from all these stories you hear” (Pg.65)
Gatsby also works on making sure that their past doesn’t haunt him in any way
“I drift here and there trying to forget about the sad thing that happened to me” (Pg.
B. What story does Jordan tell about Daisy and Gatsby on pg. 74-77. What is Gatsby
Jordan talks about growing up in Louisville with Daisy. He explains about how Daisy
was the prettiest girl in town and that the young officers in the region were really
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trying to woe her. Jordan also says Gatsby bought the mansion to ensure that it will be
directly cross the house of Daisy.
C. Comment on the last paragraph of Chapter 4
Nick remembers that he saw Gatsby in the water stretching hands and notices that the
green lights he saw at the Daisy dock.
Symbol and Motif Through Chapter 5
What is the “colossal significance” of that light for Gatsby?
It symbolizes the destruction of the Gatsby dream
What does (or could) this symbol suggest in more general sense?
Color green is linked to money, and the green is wealth that Gatsby believe will make him
win Daisy to Tom.

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